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GOzliak, artist, musician, composer, producer, unexpected moment, paradise

GOzliak combines unique instruments in his music and teases upcoming single “Electro”

Young musician ready to embrace success…

This year has been a mountain of work for artist, composer, pianist and producer, GOzliak to say the least.

Following the release of Paradise, Unexpected Moment and the making of upcoming release Electro, he has reasserted himself as a talented young musician ready to embrace success.

GOzliak speaks exclusively to to tells us about the production process of his most recent songs where he combines his inspiration, mobile apps, and unique instruments for Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

1. Thank you for the interview GOzliak. Recently, you launched, Paradise, what can you tell us about it, what was your inspiration?
GOzliak: I mostly get inspired by the given melody in the songs. I don’t have a specific artist, but rather a melody and an overall composition and that’s how I get naturally inspired by the melody itself.

2. How long did it take you to produce Paradise?
GOzliak: Most of my producing occurs better during the night. Nonetheless, it took me about 1 day and it could certainly have been over 6 hours of work with no break. After I finish I say to my self, “I think this is it.” So, before I decide to publish it, I listen to it over and over, either on a computer, on the phone and find ways I can improve or change.

3. Unexpected moment is one of your latest compositions, as opposed to Paradise, you incorporated sad and emotional music, can you tell us what was unexpected about it?
GOzliak: It was because of an unexpected situation that happened in my personal life about a few days before the release of the single and therefore, the creation of the record. It was inspired by a car accident that happened to a family member of mine, you could say it’s more of a commemorative art piece.

4. We hear an orchestra and a violin as a principal element, how did you come up with the idea to fuse these instruments for Unexpected Moment?
GOzliak: I consider them quite sad and nice musical instruments, like everything there’s no instruments I master to perfection. Although, sometimes it’s a combination of things that harmonize very well together. This piece was arranged for the first time to make the music sound more like it was played live and consequently, adopt no sound arrangements.

Watch the full video below or click here.

5. What’s your process when making a song, from coming up with the idea to executing your vision?
GOzliak: First of all, it’s definitely the idea of ​​specific music. For example, I play some melodies that I like and sometimes I can’t do anything interesting. Surely, I start working on the beat, adding other musical instruments and surprisingly there’s a point I create a melody that sounds promising.

6. Do you collaborate with someone or have a mentor, if not, is it difficult to produce a song by yourself?
GOzliak: I do most of the work myself and yes, it is a difficult process. I do the musical phase, design, create banners, edit photos, fabricate the single and album covers, video processing and promotion. I take care of social networks aesthetics. When it comes to publishing songs, I also oversee the branding of the music production, video recording, advertising and the entire online projection.

7. You’re about to launch Electro, what can you tell us about your upcoming release?
GOzliak: I enjoy this new creation because it has a beautiful melody, in the contrary with electronic music, it is not a song with difficult beats and bass. I prefer electronic music that is based on melodies.

Electro, is expected to release on all GOzliak platforms by December 13, 2021.

-GOzliak in graphic art of upcoming release single, Electro.

8. Do you feel like an accomplished artist, is nothing stopping you from achieving what you want?
GOzliak: Probably yes because I already know and master things that are not the easiest for those who are complete beginners. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’ve had a relationship with it since I was a young boy, so I got the skills but I’m far from “perfect.”


9. To whom do you dedicate this incredible work that you do as an artist, composer and producer?
GOzliak: To all the listeners and people who love my music.

Thank you GOzliak for gives us a glimpse of all the work that you do and of you upcoming work.

Do not forget to follow GOzliak over at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, and subscribe to his YouTube channel and support his Patreon, PayPal o buy his songs on Amazon. Lastly, visit his official site here.

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