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Marco Perretta, actor, Stitching Vanity, Lord X, TV series

Marco Perretta gets ready with unusual lead in new TV series Stitching Vanity

The protagonist’s name is “Lord X”…

Everything is ready to begin rolling cameras on the set of Stitching Vanity, the television series that will unite talent, production crew and the best scenes in London, the United States and Canada.

In an exclusive interview for, the renowned Canadian actor, Marco Perretta, who has also participated on Star Trek: Discovery series, gives us a preview of his character “Lord X” and how he seeks to conquer audiences in this television series that will captivate audiences around the world.

Stitching Vanity tells the story of a dangerously charming aristocrat who embarks on an obsessive quest to stitch together the most beautiful vanity and appearance—from the flesh of others. The series runs for 12 episodes of 45 minutes each.

1. You’re about to film the new television production, Stitching Vanity, what preview can you give us about the series?
MarcoWe are very excited about filming Stitching Vanity. The series is a brew of madness, mayhem, murders, and machinations. It’s set in 1800s London, so you’ll see qualities unique to the Victorian era. They are all intricately woven into the setting, culture, language, dialogue, and plot.

2. In the series, you’re playing the role of “Lord X,” what is he about?
Marco“Lord X” is an aristocrat who has just recently moved into his manor on Xerretta Street. There’s this mystique to his character that piques your curiosity and draws you to him. What I find most magnetizing about him is his intelligence. He masterfully crafts games, before you know it and you are lured into them. “Lord X” is resolved to construct the most beautiful vanity and appearance; through his character, the series dissects our innate obsession with beauty.

3. How did you prepare yourself to become “Lord X”?
Marco“Lord X” is an extremely complex, multi-faceted character and to prepare for him, I first and foremost, thoroughly read the script and parse his lines. Then, I examine what lies in between those lines and I find that often what’s unspoken can be just as telling and meaningful as what’s spoken. I dive deep into what “Lord X” could be thinking about, adopt his perspective, and explore his motivations.

-Marco Perretta gets ready with unusual lead in new TV series Stitching Vanity

4. What can you tell us about the actors and actresses you’re working with in Stitching Vanity?
MarcoWe have plenty of preeminent actors and actresses slated to join the cast. I am honored to be working alongside them. At the moment, I am unable to disclose any further details, as everything is under contract, but please keep an eye out for updates and announcements from MVPStyln Productions, the production company that’s developing and spearheading Stitching Vanity.

5. Where are you guys filming?
MarcoOur production will encompass the United States, Canada, and, of course, Europe, specifically London.

6. That’s amazing! When and where would we be able to watch it?
MarcoNaturally, we don’t want to rush any of our processes as we strongly believe in delivering supreme quality and entertainment. We will be filming next year and many new developments will follow shortly. Stitching Vanity will be available on streaming services where everyone will be able to enjoy the series from the comfort of their home.

7. We know you’re working under MVPStyln Productions. Is this the first time you’re collaborating with this production house? How’s your experience?
MarcoI’ve collaborated with MVPStyln Productions a number of times, and Stitching Vanity marks what arguably is our most ambitious project yet. My experience with them has been lovely. Each and every person on the team works tirelessly, and I deeply admire their professionalism.

8. Is there any other project you have previously worked for that resembles this series?
MarcoStitching Vanity truly is one of a kind. Every project I take on, I ensure that I’m challenging myself with something new, bold, and daring. Like a Stitching Vanity, there’s nothing quite like it.

9. Has it been hard to get the roles you have booked?
MarcoEvery role comes with its own unique challenges. I’ve been fortunate to have people who recognize my passion for acting and who would attest to my strengths as an actor.

10. Lastly, aside from being a professional actor, you also sing, dance, produce, and direct. How do you manage to merge all of these talents?
MarcoThe wonderful thing about art is everything is interconnected. One area flows seamlessly into the next, and serves to inform, enhance, and enrich it. What you can create out of that combination is nothing short of magical.

Thank you Marco Perretta, we hope to see soon the result of this great work as an actor and we hope you have a lot of success in this new series, which undoubtedly will be praised by its viewers.

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