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Armin Farshchi, Entrepreneur, Miami

Armin Farshchi, a young man succeeding in entrepreneurship

From Miami to the world…

 “Growing up in a vibrant community in Miami allowed me to experience a diverse range of cultures and ideas, which early on sparked my interest in communication and technology.” This is how Armin Farshchi remembers his childhood, how he has promoted himself in the world of sales and thus being able to mix his ingenuity through social networks that today has become a trend for young entrepreneurs to advertise their brands.

In this upcoming interview for, we had the opportunity to speak with Armin Farshchi, born and raised in Miami, Florida, shares with us how at his young age, he is succeeding as an entrepreneur, in addition to the importance of good preparation to achieve success.

1. How do you define yourself?
Farshchi: I define myself as an innovative marketer and dedicated entrepreneur. My academic and professional experiences have shaped me into someone who thrives on creativity and results, especially in the fast-paced digital marketing sphere

2. What was your childhood like?
Farshchi: My childhood was filled with curiosity and exploration. Growing up in a vibrant community in Miami allowed me to experience a diverse range of cultures and ideas, which early on sparked my interest in communication and technology.

3. How did you start in the world of sales?
Farshchi:  My journey in sales began during my time at the University of Florida, where I joined the competitive sales team. This hands-on experience taught me the nuances of selling and the importance of understanding customer needs.

4. Do you have a particular product you sell?
Farshchi:  I specialize in providing social media marketing services. Our services are designed to elevate brand presence and engage targeted audiences effectively through customized digital Strategies.

5. How do you manage to position your product in the market?
Farshchi: Positioning our social media marketing services involves a mix of data-driven strategies, understanding emerging digital trends, and creating value-driven content that resonates with our clients’ audiences. -‘Armin Farshchi emphasize,

“We constantly adapt to the dynamic digital landscape to keep our services competitive and relevant”

-Armin Farshchi, entrepreneur

6. To whom is it focused on?
Farshchi: Our services are primarily focused on small to medium-sized enterprises looking to expand their digital footprint. We cater to businesses across various industries, helping them to harness the power of social media to achieve tangible business outcomes.

7. What makes you passionate about selling a product?
Farshchi: What excites me most is the potential impact of our social media marketing services on a client’s business. It’s about more than just selling; it’s about empowering businesses to grow and connect with their community in meaningful ways.

Farshchi, as a young man enthusiastic about acquiring more knowledge and growth, recently participated in a competition led by a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree is designed to provide students with a strong academic foundation in core business functions including general business administration, accounting, finance, project management, information technology, human resources, marketing, international business.

8. You recently participated in a BSBA ’24 competition, what can you tell us about it?
Farshchi: The BSBA ’24 competition was a thrilling experience where I had the opportunity to showcase our innovative marketing strategies. Participating in such competitions allows us to refine our approach and learn from the best in the industry, which is invaluable.

9. In sales, you need a team to exchange ideas, how important is the participation of a group of colleagues to you?
Farshchi: Team collaboration is crucial. The diverse perspectives and creativity of our team members enhance our strategies and solutions, ensuring we deliver the best results for our clients.

10. Aside from sneakers, what other product have you managed to position in the market?*
Farshchi: Besides our primary focus on digital services, I’ve also had success with consumer goods, particularly in eco-friendly products. Positioning these in a market increasingly aware of sustainability has been both challenging and rewarding.

11. Social networks have boosted large companies to increase their sales, what is your opinion?
Farshchi: Social media is a powerful tool that, when used effectively, can significantly amplify a brand’s reach and influence. It’s about engaging with your audience authentically and providing them with value that goes beyond the product or service.

12. If you had not entered the world of sales, what would you be doing right now?
Farshchi: If I hadn’t entered sales, I’d likely be pursuing a career in software development. I have a keen interest in tech and how it can be used to solve real-world problems.

13. We know you have prepared a lot by taking courses to position yourself, what’s next for you?
Farshchi:  Continuing education is key in marketing. Next, I plan to delve deeper into AI and machine learning to enhance our marketing strategies. The potential for personalized customer experiences through technology is exciting.

14. To whom do you dedicate your success to?
Farshchi: I dedicate my success to my mentors and professors at the University of Florida, whose guidance was invaluable, and to my family for their unwavering support.

15.  What would be your message to those, regardless of age, who intend to get into marketing?
Farshchi:  My message is to stay curious, be adaptable, and never stop learning.

“Marketing is about understanding people, and the better you can do that, the more successful you’ll be.”

-Armin Farshchi, entrepreneur

Thank you Armin Farshchi for sharing your passion as an entrepreneur and for teaching us how to succeed in the world of sales. We hope you continue to achieve success.

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