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Reality Anchor, Artificial intelligence, Alex Haussmann

Reality Anchor, your protection against Artificial Intelligence

Your best bet against AI…

Technology advances by leaps and bounds and with it, new forms, devices and even programs emerge that become more part of the daily lives as human beings.

In addition, experts in the field are looking for ways to move forward to present better techniques that are easy to use. The arrival of Artificial Intelligence (AI), has generated uncertainty among users of all types of platforms because some have even been victims of fraud.

In our next interview for we had the opportunity to learn more about Reality Anchor, and Alex Haussmann, the brain behind this company, it is a device that is used to guarantee to users they are interacting with a real person.

1. How do you describe yourself?
Haussmann: I am a software engineer and inventor.

2. What is Reality Anchor?
Haussmann: A Company devoted to making it possible to determine whether someone is a deepfake or not.

Haussmann, continues talking about Deepfake and a Reality Anchor, “A deepfake is synthetic media, such as video or audio, created using machine learning to mimic real individuals. By training models on genuine footage, deepfakes can produce lifelike content.

While deepfakes offer potential in entertainment and education, they also raise ethical concerns, as they can spread misinformation or harm reputations. As they evolve, distinguishing real from fake becomes more challenging, prompting research into detection techniques.”

Reality Anchor is a device that your company can use to ensure that both you and your customers know they are interacting with a real person, anchoring them to reality.

Reality Anchor

3. Why did you decide to create this type of service? How did it initiate?
Haussmann: I decided to create the service when I believe the defects are going to become a real problem.

Most people probably find it difficult how a company can convince users that Artificial Intelligence can support them while working with people who are not real, this is how Reality Anchor created this platform, with the intention of offering a reliable service. Below are some interest aspects.

What would you do If you where accused of being a deepfake? It might seem like a strange question, since you want to have a clear and definitive answer. Another subsequent problem with deepfakes is the lack of trust.

How can you trust someone you don’t even know is real? We have at least one answer or a way to answer someone if they ever ask. By working with Reality Anchor, you will be able to show your clients that you are a real person.

4. Who is it addressed to?
Haussmann: Anyone who’s interested in deepfakes.

5. What type of studies were carried out to create this service?
Haussmann: I have carried out a wide variety of studies relating to artificial intelligence on this topic, and verified it against the variety of deepfake methods.

In addition, it offers a reliable service so that companies that use these Artificial Intelligence methods are confident that they will avoid being victims of deepfake fraud.

Examples of deepfake fraud could be based off multiple cases such as people that have used deepfakes to steal anywhere from $100,000 to millions of dollars. These incidents have been publicly reported on numerous occasions and have occurred more frequently than one might think. For financial institutions, protecting against this type of fraud is absolutely critical.

The company offers an additional layer of security that can help you in this effort. Additionally, it is possible for people to falsely claim to be victims of deepfakes, even when they were actually involved in legitimate conversations.

Reality Anchor offers the service to help prevent types of false claims. While this may not be a current concern, it is always better to be prepared than not.

Bellow are examples of products offered, such as the handheld version and the headset and screen. The screen being the lowest and the headset being the highest level of security. Along with a graphic going over how the technology works:

Reality Anchor

6. Artificial Intelligence has been highly criticized and rejected because it is considered a danger in communication. What can you tell us about it?
Haussmann: I don’t think artificial intelligence is a problem. However, I think deep fakes are a real problem not being able to determine whether a person is real or not has a definite downside we hope to solve.

7. How does Reality Anchor differ from other false services, what tips can you give us to look out for?
Haussmann: No one else use an active measure to detect deepfakes.

It is worth mentioning that technology has not only created confusion and the spread of misinformation, but deepfakes also represent a threat to privacy and security.

With the ability to convincingly impersonate anyone, cybercriminals can orchestrate phishing scams or identity theft operations with alarming precision. For this reason, this system offers one of the best protection services.

How can you protect yourself from fraud and help you build trust? There are various approaches to combatting deepfakes, and many people propose the use of deepfake detectors, which certainly serve a valuable purpose.

However, due to the way deepfakes are constructed using adversarial neural networks, as deepfake detectors improve, deepfakes themselves also become more sophisticated. Eventually, deepfakes may outpace the effectiveness of detectors.

Instead, for a proactive approach that focuses on directly addressing the image itself, thereby presenting the computer with a problem that is extremely challenging to solve.

Primarily employ techniques involving moving lenses, which can significantly enhance the detection of deepfakes. When combined with encryption protocols, this approach can make it exceptionally difficult to commit deepfake fraud.

8. How do they protect themselves when using Reality Anchor?
Haussmann: Why, using Reality Anchor, you have another layer of security to your cyber security, methodology an active Detroit I can speak fax.

9. Tell us a little bit about the cost.
Haussmann: Right now the cost for me to manufacture one anti-deep fake headset is around $400 but this is because it is in prototype phase. If I’m able to hit production I can decrease the price of substantially.

Haussmann emphasizes, “Fraud has existed for years and companies seek protection. Reality Anchor seeks to generate trust in the user and thus offer reliable protection.”

While there are numerous beneficial uses for deepfakes, one of the less discussed but highly concerning applications is in financial fraud.

Deepfakes have the potential to make social engineering attacks much easier for attackers. Some individuals have already fallen victim to scams, and it’s almost certain that more scams are on the horizon.

Relying solely on passwords or even phone numbers for security is not advisable. The more layers of security you have, the better protected you are. Reality Anchors represent some of the first effective methods for defending against this emerging threat vector. They are simple yet effective and the company believes they are an essential component of any modern security strategy.

Without a doubt, technology continues to grow and it is important to keep up to date with companies that are dedicated to showing new facets of it. We thank Alex Haussmann for bringing us an insight of the incredible world of Artificial Intelligence and for letting us know that knowledge, preparation and good service go hand in hand, to avoid being victims of fraud in a system that many already feel vulnerable.

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