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Jaime Pavon, photographer, fashion, ecuadorian, new york

Jaime Pavon, the Ecuadorian who dazzles New York with his photographs

Inspired by technology and dreams…

The Ecuadorian, Jaime Pavon executes his passion for photography with vibrant, colorful and avant-garde style.

During his 20s, Pavon already distinguished himself as a professional photographer and honed his skills by studying a Masters of Photography at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, New York.

Specializing in fashion, he has managed to work for renowned magazines such as Vogue and Elle, among others. Plus, carried out shooting campaigns for Avon, Visa and Amazon.

In this exclusive interview for, we will learn more about the impressive story of this successful Ecuadorian, who is conquering New York City and determined to take over the world next.

1. Thank you Jaime for this online interview, you have phenomenal work. How would you describe yourself?
Jaime: Thank you for the kind words. I’m a hard working guy, passionate about my photography and always dreaming big. I’m eager to take any challenges ahead and to learn, create, and achieve all my goals.

2. How was your life in Ecuador?
Jaime: Ecuador is the most beautiful place in the world! If you haven’t been to the Galapagos Islands, or to the Ecuadorian Jungle, or you haven’t seen the sunset at any of the amazing Ecuadorian beaches, you are missing BIG TIME! So, my life was great and I was doing well working for the top brands and agencies in the country. Nonetheless, at some point I felt stuck and I needed to keep walking. So, I decided to move to NY to explore one of the biggest photography industries in the world!

3. That’s incredible how you decided to go for it. For how long have you been a professional photographer and what is it like?
Jaime: I’ve been a professional photographer for more than 15 years and it has been an amazing journey. I’ve been able to meet and shoot supermodels, celebrities, politicians, etc.

Jaime states,

“I have been able to travel the world with my work. I have seen and learned from top photographers worldwide, but most importantly, I’m always having fun and enjoying every moment and taking every opportunity that arises.”

-Jaime Pavon, Fashion Photographer

4. Why did you choose to study photography?
Jaime: When I was a little kid I was always recording my friends and directing “movies.” I thought I was going to be a cinematographer or a movie director, but at some point in my life I found photography, which at first was just a hobby, but later became my passion. I got involved more and more and got 100% hooked and I’m always happy that I made that decision.

5. From Ecuador to the United States, why did you decide to move to New York?
Jaime: New York is the fashion capital of the world, and I was always in love with the city. I have come several times and I always felt this is the place to come in order to succeed as a fashion photographer, every important thing related to trends happens here. I also knew that the most important fashion photography master’s program in the world was at the School of Visual Arts in New York and had Jimmy Moffat and Stephen Frailey and I couldn’t resist, so I enrolled and thank God I did it. It was a life-changing experience for me.

6. Was it hard to leave Ecuador and begin a new life in another country?
Jaime: It is really hard for many reasons, primarily, because of our family and friends and we had a beautiful life over there. However, I feel that once you make a decision and it is made based on the correct reasons, then it is a little less difficult. Now, we come back many times a year and it’s always great to be there, but I’ll say our life is settled in the US.

7. What inspires you to create a photo?
Jaime: There are many things out there. I get inspired when I travel and see new things; I get inspired by my baby girls when they learn something new. I get inspired by movies and music but I’ll say one of my biggest inspirations is technology, as crazy as it sounds, all the new developments, devices, machines, software really inspires me. It makes me think on ways that all those new innovations can affect our lives and make it different.

“I believe this world is changing so fast right now, and art and creation are moving at the same speed.”

-Jaime Pavon, Fashion Photographer

8. How would you interpret fashion photography?
Jaime: Fashion photography is one of those unconventional careers but has been around for a long time now, I’ll say at least 120 years, when the first fashion or lifestyle magazines appeared. Basically, fashion photography moves with cultural changes and portrays that. A fashion photographer explores how the new fashion trends interact with the current world and plays with it, studies it, and creates art with those interpretations using the camera and light as their main tools.

-Jaime Pavon, Fashion Photographer

9. Your photos are very dreamlike, where do you find inspiration?
Jaime: I love that description, because I try to make my photos look like dreams. I have very weird dreams and I with my work, I try to show that weirdness in a beautiful way.

10. How have you managed to work for important magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Wonderland, L’officiel, and Nylon Español?
Jaime: It’s been a long way and you meet a lot of people every day. Connections are as important as knocking on doors and this is a result of both of them. Hard work and trying my best every time got me these opportunities and I feel these are the first steps in order to get better opportunities in my career.

11. What do you like most about your job?
Jaime: Every aspect of it is fun, but definitely the execution is the best! When you are there, building the set, checking the wardrobe, adjusting the lights, creating the images that you had in your mind is really fun. All the interaction with the models, crew, all the brainstorming that happens in real life, and then when you find a perfect photo, it’s definitely the greatest feeling in the world!

12. That’s awesome. Would you say Jaime Pavon is ambitious?
Jaime: Yes, but in a good way. I’m ambitious about getting the shoot for the brands that I love the most; I’m ambitious of working with some of the top models that I haven’t yet; I’m ambitious of helping my country, Ecuador, into growing its fashion business.

Jaime emphasizes,

“I feel a dreamer needs to be ambitious and also needs to be a hard worker.”

-Jaime Pavon, Fashion Photographer

13. Would you say you owe your success to someone or something?
Jaime: Yes, especially to my family who always had my back and supported me in every decision I made. Although, since day one, I’ve found amazing people that have helped me throughout the way, and I’m always thankful to every single person that collaborated towards my career. At the same time, it is really important that you are open to collaboration and I do my best to look after those new photographers out there and to give back in the same way I was when I recently started.

14. It’s beautiful you also guide new photographers along the way, what would you say it’s your ultimate goal?
Jaime: My ultimate goal is to photograph the advertising campaigns for my favorite brands and designers such as Versace, Iris Van Herpen and YSL. In a couple of years, check my website again (wink).

Thank you Jaime and we cannot wait to see what’s next in your career, please keep us updated!

To learn more about Jaime’s impressive work as a photographer, visit his professional webpage over at and check out his inspiring portfolio. Plus, do not forget to follow his journey over at his Instagram and watch one of his photography presentations “Electric Dreams” for Resident Magazine below:

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