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GOzliak, artist, musician, pianist, music producer, instrumental, orchestral music and Electronic Dance Music

Young artist teaches himself how to make electronic music

It all started with a mobile app…

There’s no limits to GOzliak, a young artist, musician, composer, pianist and producer, who is projecting his knowledge and passion for composing melodies.

As defined, music is the art of creating and organizing sounds and silences through the intervention of complex mood processes, this is how the young artist executes and externalizes himself into his work.

In this special interview with GOzliak for, he allow us to enter his musical world and let’s us know how in such a short time he’s managed to mix his knowledge to achieve great musical pieces, between instrumental, orchestral music and Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

1. How did GOzliak came about?
GOzliak: My name is pretty weird. It can be difficult for someone to say it and especially on a syllable. I believe that ‘a bad name can sometimes be a good name.’

2. When did you start composing music?
GOzliak: I have loved music since childhood, I adore every piece of music from the 70’s to the 90’s. Even though, now I make modern music, the first projects I started recording and composing occurred in 2018. During that time, I started discovering and playing with computer software that was for music editing. I started learning what mixing and mastering was, I understood the range of frequencies and I played around with the sound effects.

3. Did you take any professional courses or classes?
GOzliak: Yes, I went to art school where I learned to play the piano and I’m still studying.

4. What kind of genres are you most interested about and why did you decide to create this type of music?
GOzliak: I create several music genres. Although, I do not see myself creating hip hop or rap, I enjoy creating EDM, instrumental and orchestral music and definitely plan to make pop in the future.

5. They say music creates all kinds of emotions, what is the message behind “Sorrow”?
GOzliak: This album is the first album I released [March 26, 2020]. It’s the most popular and emotional. The songs in this album are mostly ‘just’ sad. It contains mostly the sounds of the piano and some orchestral instruments. I have other songs that weren’t released when I was creating the album but these songs were mostly composed at a time when I was having problems with depression.

For GOzliak, the art of combining sounds to create a piece of music has led him to project his greatest passion when composing. An example was his second album production, Summer Time, with the song, Sun Is Shining, which was released through his YouTube Channel on July 14, 2021.

When asked about Sun Is Shining, he stated,

“It’s definitely the most beautiful music I’ve ever created from the Summer Time album so far. I played on a piano melody and I liked it, that’s how this song came about”.

-GOzliak, artist, musician, pianist, music producer
-GOzliak, artist, musician, pianist, music producer

6. You’re a very young artist, how did you manage to become a musician, composer and music producer?
GOzliak: When I was younger, I already liked all these old hits. I played these tracks all the time and listened to them with my father. Sometimes we sang and have fun with it. I was happy and so was he. I loved listening to stories he told me while listening to these hits, but one day I wanted to change that, from listening to playing.

My first time playing piano was not on a physical instrument. It was a downloaded application on my phone that allowed me to play the piano. I started to fall in love with the sound of the piano and even a tear drop fell on me. That’s when I started looking for some electronic pianos at online stores. I started playing and learning piano all by myself.

7. What are you currently working on?
GOzliak: I’ve already created two new songs that I plan to release, but I still need to polish them. I plan to release at least one song with vocals.

During our conversation I asked, what does he hope to accomplish through his music? GOzliak said,

“I think I’ve already accomplished what I wanted. Now, I will just improve it. I believe I’ll create a song that will appeal to a larger audience and even if it doesn’t happen, I’ll still be happy and continue to be until I can”.

-GOzliak, artist, musician, pianist, music producer

8. What would you tell others who always wanted to create music or become an artist and haven’t had the opportunity to create what you are doing now?
GOzliak: Feel free to message me, I’ll be happy to help. If I could, I would help everyone who asks. Nonetheless, music is not just about wanting it, but also feeling connected to the music, audiences need to feel the beat through their hearts no their ears.

-GOzliak, artist, musician, pianist, music producer. Image GOzliak

9. Thank you for this interview, any last thoughts you would like to share with our audiences?
GOzliak: I would like to thank you because I’m a person who no longer doesn’t like to talk about myself. Talking about me has always been against my character but I was able to open up with you and your audience. Therefore, thank you for doing that and for your time and the opportunity.

Thank you so much for opening up with us GOzliak, we wish you the best of luck in your musical endeavors and I invite everyone to follow this young artist in his creative journey over at his social media, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch and Spotify. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

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