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Voxitrade Exchange Established 2020 South Africa

Find a new way to invest safely in Voxitrade Exchange in South Africa

A company that is looking to help communities in need…

With the arrival of cryptocurrency, great options have been opened to invest around the world. Investors are looking for the best ways to make their money work.

What has caused in recent years, the emergence of companies that offer services through digital banks with the intention that more people with small capital can obtain significant profits.

A clear example is Southern Africa that is becoming a gateway to the economic development of the country. Until recent years, South Africa used to be part of Namibia until its independence.

In the past years, there has been a massive economical inclusion from the people in Southern Africa. Plus, there’s a sizable need for financial inclusion from poor communities in the financial mainstream system.

There are some South Africans trying to adopt the technology, for that reason arises Credit Union Namibia and Voxitrade to assist the South African Development Communities (SADC) and allow communities to be in a formal banking environment.

In an interview for, we spoke with Ms. Lethokule Hlekwayo, a Pubic Realtions Officer, to tell us about the benefits they would obtain by acquiring the services of Voxitrade Exchange.

1. What is Voxitrade Exchange?
Hlekwayo: Voxitrade Exchange is a private equity trading exchange using BAP Cash Coin Blockchain technology.

2.  Who can invest in the company?
Hlekwayo: Anyone above the age of 18 years old and anyone who wants to increase their wealth and grow their money trading in private equity exchange.

3.  How did the idea emerge to invest in e-Banking Technology?
Hlekwayo: Credit Union was established in order to introduce e-Banking Technology to create a formal environment for people to participate in formal Credit Union. It was developed so that we will be in compliance with financial regulation in Namibia and Southern Africa.

4. How much capital do you need to open a bank account?
Hlekwayo: To open an account for the Credit Union you will need 250.00 Namibian Dollars (NAD) or ZAR250.

5. Is this exclusive to communities in South Africa?
Hlekwayo: No, its is accessible to all people all over the world, as long as you have internet you can be a member of the credit union and we encourage the Southern Africa communities to become members. 

6. In how long will people get to see results from the management of their money?
Hlekwayo: Immediately, our technology enables members to maintain their administration and management of their money through the Dashboard. 

7. Fantastic! We know that investing in cryptocurrency is giving results around the globe, what can you tell us about BAP Cash Coin (BAPC) and is it only for small companies?
Hlekwayo: BAP Cash Coin is a unique coin that you can exchange for FIAT ZAR Currency from the Cryptocurrency. This coin is developed for any type of the company, there are ZAR500 000 000 BAPC Tokens. 

8. To the people who are interested, how can they deposit their trust to Credit Union Namibia (“CUN”)?
Hlekwayo: You can make a deposit in three ways:

  1. Online Card Payment via our online Zippykind Partner payment gateway.
  2. Deposit in the Standard Bank South Africa.
  3. Deposit in the CUN Standard Bank Namibia. 

9. What is the goal in 2022 and how can investors benefit from this?
Hlekwayo: Our target goal is to increase members to 55,000 members in Southern Africa. The benefit would be a loan products to members only, investment into high yield investment. Money transfer within SADC Region. 

10. Where can people find more about Voxitrade Exchange?
Hlekwayo: In Namibia we have an office which is our head office and South Africa we have representative office.

Thank you so much for giving us an insight of the possibilities in investing in South Africa.

This is another great way to invest in an emerging market. Please, do not forget, if you are thinking of investing, Credit Union Namibia and Voxitrade Exchange is a promising financial services in Southern Africa that is willing to help their developing communities. Visit Angel Investment Network webpage for more information.

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