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New platform will help you grow in your goods and services as a freelancer: 1stkare

Because service is everywhere…

The emergence of digital platforms gave an important turn to almost everything, it is no longer enough to seek the market for a product, but also the best place to find a restaurant, shopping center or the best news or trends.

New generations are immediately adapting to new ways of communication, in a study published in the Los Angeles Times, it indicates that people stay more connected on a mobile device than in front of a television.

This behavior without a doubt, is causing a number of companies to look for ways to take their companies to other levels and thus attract more potential clients and not let the work done for years and effort with the realization of their products or goods and services disappear.

Such is the case of, will be looking to offer freelance services of any kind, based in the United States. But how does it work? And how could I benefit from my own business? It’s very easy since its creators offer you practical tools so you can spread your ideas and business.

1stkare, service is everywhere

The main objective of 1stkare is to empower service providers and to have any qualified person who can offer their service directly to clients without an intermediary or broker. No payment or subscription required.

For freelancers, the blog offers several categories and you can choose the one that suits you best, if you have skills from home care, such as plumbing, air conditioning/heating repair, to window cleaning, etc, here you can advertise.

But not only that, if your forte is in household management roles such as personal care which includes running errands (personal shopping, picking up dry cleaning, dropping off mail, etc.), or household staff (nutritionist, personal chef, trainer, cleaning services, etc.) or care for the elderly, you will be in the best company to promote your services.

Cleaning, 1stkare.

At 1stkare, they think of everything. Are you a highly trained and vetted child care provider? You’ll also be able to include it in the babysitting section. They are looking for nannies and babysitters to provide care for full time employment, delivery, night care or as needed.

For 1stkare, the important thing is to meet all the needs of service seekers to reach all types of potential customers, for this reason if you are thinking about health services such as good medical care, the use of this platform will be a good option.

Medical care, 1stkare.

In the other hand, if you want to impress those who are looking for the best place to stay during their vacation, a place with an impressive landscape, first class stay at an affordable price or simply a cute place to stay, 1stkare can be another avenue to make your services known.

The creators of 1stkare, noted that animals are also a man’s best friend and are a fundamental part of thousands of Americans, so they included the category of pet care as well.

Pets care, 1stkare.

Lastly, if you are a lawyer, businessman, seller or want to promote a special event, 1stkare also will be the solution for you to project yourself with your career or event.

Therefore, the growth of your goods and services are in your hands with just one click away on 1stkare, service is everywhere. For more information follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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