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How men can be trained to change the way they think, feel and behave

Mountain View Mindset can help…

Life can present to us a number of difficult situations that at certain times as human beings, we are not ready to face them.

Each person reacts differently to challenges, such as the loss of a loved one, an illness or a job change, and our behavior will depend on the education, culture and learning that we have acquired over time.

Nonetheless, there are support groups that for those who create them, there are no limits and seek through specialists, psychologists and sessions to reach male patients, since they see a potential to increase the quality of life.

In this new article, I’ll show you how the US-based Mountain View Mindset offers the best way to empower men who want to remove overwhelming emotions from stress to start doing better in their lives; a quick interview with Mountain View Mindset CEO and creator.

1. How did Mountain View Mindset come about?
Couch: With a background in psychotherapy, peeling people’s onions no longer aligned with changing how people think, feel and behave.

For Mountain View Mindset it will always be of great importance to have a specialized team to get men to show their best potential.

2. How does a coach prepare himself to guide his clients?
Couch: Taking space between clients for self-care and reflection.

4. How many sessions are needed to reach a result?
Couch: One size doesn’t fit all, so we customize our approach.

The main purpose of the Mountain View Mindset is to train high-performance men to change the way they think, feel and behave for a better quality of life or reach very hard goals that seem impossible otherwise.

5. How do you define high performance men?
Couch: Coachable, learner, intellectual.

Emotions plays a critical role in achievements, pride, and accomplishments. It is also understood that in the nervous system, due to its size, it can activate chemical responses to stressful environments, or created by thought.

Therefore, specialized trainers will seek to release those emotions that were perhaps implanted since childhood. Mountain View Mindset trainers will work with their clients and create customizable exercises. For example, write those feelings or emotions into pieces of paper and throw them in a trash can and thus be reborn.

Mountain View Mindset, mens
Source: Mountain View Mindset

Although, there is no right or wrong way to walk to your journey. Your path is unique to every client and in the realm of lifestyle coaching, there are no steps.

Other exercises are, within the sessions, you will close your eyes and concentrate to enter other levels, so you stop thinking on a superficial level and organize the important things life has to offer.

6. In countless cultures men have been taught that “men don’t cry,” how important is it to change this ideology?
Couch: Mountain View Mindset is at the base camp for creating a movement around this idea.

7. Why is it only directed to men?
Couch: My wife is a feminist, and I’m learning loads, contextually, which has impacted business decisions for the better.

In sessions conducted by Mountain View Mindset trainers, they will guide you through trusting the moment, which leads to trusting the next moment, which leads to the introduction of savoring the moments that life offers you and understanding that emotions are the end product of human experiences.

In addition, since you will be able to trust the moment you can decided to get rid of a bitter past and able to open new doors that were previously considered biologically closed.

8. Why is it important to reach male customers?
Couch: Men who gain confidence from women with dysmorphic disorder is a sure signal for distress.

9. From what range of age the client needs to be?
Couch: It can range from 28 to 44.

According to Mountain View Mindset and experts in human behavior, children seven years of age or younger have a different connection to the supernatural and other levels and states of consciousness, which is why sleeping less tends to be the trend. However when you turn 8 and gradually, of course, the human body begins to sleep more.

10. According to experts, the first 7 years of a child are the most important to their growth. How do you apply this to your clients?
Couch: Education of conscious states of being.

The creator of Mountain View Mindset insist that enlightenment comes from below the surface of high levels of conscious and emotional engagement. Therefore, the long-term effects of relaxation increase hormones and reduce opportunities for opportunistic organisms to create disease. There is no longer a need to fake who you are and your sense of self. This way, you are literally turning off your senses to become one with yourself.

11. What’s your ultimate goal?
Couch: Create a sustainable movement that generates a paradigm shift for the trajectory of men who will be our future leaders.

Additionally, human beings have good financial times and bad ones. For an example, those at the top economically it has been proven to b the loneliest. Of course, there’s exceptions.

While, for those familiar with the study of the rich and wealthy, those who intend to become achievers and acquire wealth, there are doors that block the paths that lead to the top of the economic hierarchy and individuals shall be ready to overcome such obstacles to achieve their financial goals.

It is precisely the purpose of the Mountain View Mindset, to encourage future clients to take a look around and be aware of the space, but even more aware of awareness and consciousness; of relaxation that is not occurring in the mindset of the client, and how to solve such problem.

Mountain View Mindset invites all men who are looking for a better quality of life, who really want a change in the way of thinking, feeling and behaving and not for others but for themselves and their own existentialism and thus succeed in all areas of life.

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