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Daniel Tovilla Fashion Designer SFW RUNWAY

Daniel Tovilla: Mexican fashion designer’s work highlighted at New York City Fashion Week

In front of the eyes of the spectators who anxiously await the next catwalk and behind the curtains where between the nerves and the rush there’s always a good designer that emerges into the spotlight.

He’s a dreamer, an entrepreneur and in love with love itself, just as he describes himself from his colorful and full of culture hometown Chiapas, Mexico, he proudly presents his ideas and ingenuity of style of clothing to the world of fashion.

Daniel Tovilla, a Mexican fashion designer and creator of his own fashion clothing line that showcases in Miami and Mexico City will be spotlighting his latest collection at New York City Fashion Week made possible by SFW RUNWAY.

SFW RUNWAY is a runway show focus on luxurious street style designs, organized by Street Society, a community that supports emerging brands with educative programs, marketing strategies and financial resources funded by its creator and CEO, Noami Alabi.

In the following exclusive interview for, Tovilla tells us about his designs, his passion for fashion and most importantly, his drive for what he does.

1. How did you decide to be a fashion designer?
Tovilla: Life was preparing me, from a very young age I had to produce fashion shows, working and building a brand for other designers.

2. How long have you been designing?
Tovilla: Naturally like 10 years but since I put my eponymous brand exactly 2 years.

At the beginning of his career as a designer, Tovilla handled a style of clothing for the beach, however he discovered that with good styling and his modern take this works very well in the city as well. Now, he works with sustainable textiles such as linen, which allows his clients to always feel comfortable and fresh.

3. What is distinguishable in your fashion presentations?
Tovilla: Love and internationalization. Love has no borders. Everything I do, I do it from love.

4. How did you manage to go abroad and manage to enjoy the fruits of your labor?
Tovilla: Life has given me wonderful opportunities, and I have always been ready to take them.

5. You have been on different catwalks, which one has marked your career?
Tovilla: Definitely New York, it was my university, I was able to learn and experience my style a lot. I saw the work of other super talented designers and I think it helped me a lot to value mine.

During his career, Tovilla has had the opportunity for his designs to be worn by television personalities, hosts, actors, misters and misses from beauty pageants, where not only beauty is promoted, but also integrity and values.

Tovilla also founded his organization Save the Fucking Planet that promotes the message to end climate change within this generation.

6. We know you are the founder of Save the Fucking Planet, what can you tell us about it?
Tovilla: It is a whole movement of young leaders in action to stop climate change. We still have a lot to do but we are still on time. We have ambassadors for all countries and this continues to grow, we hope to create a culture of conscious fashion and carry our training to children and young people about caring for the environment.

Naomi Alabi has helped Tovilla showcase his work at SFW RUNWAY that are always looking to show new emerging talent.

7. What has represented Naomi Alabi in your career as a designer?
Tovilla: I am totally grateful to her and her platform because it gave me the opportunity to present my biggest Save the Fucking Planet project and share it with great American designers, thank you very much Naomi.

8. Anymore runways coming up?
Tovilla: Yes, of course! I’ll show up in Miami by the end of the year. I’m working on a great collection inspired by love. You have to be on the look out because it will be spectacular!

9. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next, to whom do you dedicate your success?
Tovilla: To my mother, who means everything to me.

Thank you Daniel Tovilla for sharing your passion for fashion and giving us the opportunity to learn about this incredible world of designs and catwalks.

Follow Daniel Tovilla’s journey over at his Instagram.

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