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Rene Sarjeant, U.S Army, Veteran, Gamer

Rene Sarjeant, the retired veteran looking to support others as a gamer

Extraordinary opportunity to help his community…

At 61 years old, Rene Sarjeant tells his own story through the world of video games. Twenty-two years ago he would not have imagined that after serving as a U.S. Army soldier life would give him an extraordinary opportunity to support other military retirees to alleviate their trauma and pain as veterans.

Rene served as a member Officer in the United States Army Special Forces, retired Senior US Army and Civil Service Serpentine. He was a Combat Veteran and 180A was assigned to the 5th Special Forces Group, “The Legion.”

Seajeant now, as a loving husband and father, is achieving what many do not dare, reinventing himself with new platforms and technologies that did not existed more than two decades ago and shape the world today.

Unlike those years when he faced his rivals under stressful situations with weapons of truth and intelligence to defend his country, he helps now differently to relief the distressing aftermath of the battlefield, as a Gamer, streaming video games, chatting with his audience and most importantly making it fun.

For Rene, streaming helps him get away from those confrontations that marked him at some point during his time with the Army, now he enjoys and shares his experience with other players with games such as Sea of Thieves, Dead by Daylight, and Resident Evil on Twitch and YouTube.

While streaming he won’t just be playing, Sarjeant hopes to raise awareness of mental health and bring a little light and happiness to those who have also been unable to overcome their fears and psychological problems of having been in a real war combat.

In recent years, he joined the Official Stream Team for the Military and Veteran Gamers Charity (MVG), a non-profit organization with more than 9,500 members registered in the United States.

With the motto “Heal Through Play”, MVG aims to reach out to more active duty military and veteran gamers around the world, as well as offering an extensive list of games with trained advisors to help members who simply need to talk to someone.

The mission as a member of MVG is to create a safe environment for veterans, service members and proud patriots, this through Esprit De Corps with the ultimate goal to share a feeling of pride, camaraderie and loyalty among the members of the group and promote improve quality of life with support programs.

Undoubtedly, Sarjeant has been able to provide support, knowledge and experience of survival as a Gamer. His efforts and courage have become a light at the end of the tunnel for many who have been at the forefront of hundreds of real battles and seeks with its platforms, video games and social networks, to receive veterans of all walks of life and sexuality and be able to help them.

We over at, thank Rene for his military service and his ongoing contribution to help others. For his bravery of sharing his story and showcasing he is proof and a vivid breathing example that there’s a quality of life just a game away.

Follow Rene Sarjeant journey on Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, TikTok, Twitch and Member of the Official Stream Team of Military & Veteran Gamers, Member of the Capcom® Stream Team and Social Media.

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