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Gianluca Cugini, Football, Sharks, Travel, Italy

Gianluca Cugini, an Italian passionate for football, sharks and travel around the world

Learn more about Gianluca in this new inspiration interview…

In the world of football passion there are thousands of sports presenters, but none like Gianluca Cugini. Gianluca is an Italian who developed a particular fondness to football over time until he became a statistician.

Not only that, his peculiarity is the connection he has with other two more phases of his career, the search for knowledge in nature like the blue sharks and exploring hundreds of countries through impressive trips around the world. He has managed to merge football, sharks and travel until he reached the top of his career as a professional and be recognized not only in his country but worldwide.

We get the chance to interview him once again, the first interview being Gianluca Cugini, the statistical goat of football of all times?, and learn more about his life in this new inspirational interview.

1. How did you end up as a football statistician?
Gianluca: Since I was a child I started practicing football with some success, especially in Youth tournaments. In the meantime, I was passionate about the football statistics of great tournaments and great champions and from there the step forward was short.

2. What would be the most important thing to learn when starting as a football statistician?
Gianluca: For me the most important thing is a deep knowledge of football and a certain familiarity with statistics (certainly you don’t have to be a graduate of MIT in Boston or Harvard University to be one.)

3. You participated in important World Cups as a statistician, which were the most important to you and why?
Gianluca: The World Cup I will never forget was the very first one first because there was something magical about those summer nights that I have never found in my life. Nonetheless, even that of 2010, I have very profound meanings. South Africa and Nelson Mandela have remained in my heart.

4. We know you are passionate about Blue Sharks. If you had not met Dr. Alessandro De Maddalena, would Gianluca have explored the world of sharks or what would have happened?
Gianluca:  I have loved sharks since I was a child. It has been an immense passion since my father took me on a boat with him. The famous expert Alessandro de Maddalena made known to the world this passion of mine.

5. You’ve visited more than 125 countries around the world, which one has marked your life and what anecdote can you share with my readers?
Gianluca: Actually, I have an infinity of anecdotes we could talk about for hours but perhaps the most incredible ones are related to the World Cup and Sharks but also South Africa, Australia and the Austral Islands. I remember that time when I was diving with hundreds of sharks, I was so fascinated by that moment that I stayed too long under. The result was that I did not have enough strength to go back on the boat! Fortunately, there was Japanese help!

6. How did the combination between football statistician, your passion for sharks and travel come about?
Gianluca: I grew up with this amazing combination and honestly, I can’t tell the difference between football, sharks and trips.

7. Without a doubt we went through the most difficult process as human beings during the pandemic and left projects behind. How did Gianluca continue to surprise younger generations with his skills? Or how did he manage to find his strength during the pandemic?
Gianluca: It was somewhat terribly bad. We hope we have left that behind. Not just Italy but many other countries mourn an impressive number of loved ones at a very high price!

Gianluca adds,

“This made me think a lot and in the meantime I live in a much more “peaceful” mind set. Reflections and sensations that I haven’t had in a long time.”

8. You are recognized not only in your country Italy, but around the world. How would you like to be remembered?
Gianluca: I would like to be remembered a little around the world as a man who has dedicated his life to the growth of football, to the love for sharks and helping to dispel myths and legends about them.

9. That’s fantastic! Perhaps this would be the most difficult question I would ask. If you were given the choice to choose between being a football statistician, sharks or travel, where does you heart lie and why?
Gianluca: You know it all started with a passion for football.

10. To whom do you dedicate your success?
Gianluca: To my family, to my father who passed away recently and to my mother and my sister.

11. Lastly, is Gianluca Cugini happy?
Gianluca: Oh God! Happiness is a big word. We say that my project of life is in good point.

I thank you Gianluca Cuguini, for this second interview where it allows me to make known your story through my portal and my followers about a multifaceted professional from Italy that is recognized around the world.

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