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Rudy Urias, Medical Insurance Agent, Health Insurance, Texas,

Rudy Urias can help you get Health Insurance with the new options the government is offering

New insurance laws come into place that can help you…

When choosing a health insurance plan, many questions come to mind. Such as which one to pick, its coverage, what would happen in an unforeseen accident, and most importantly, its price. Well did you know that either if you’re a resident or citizen the government aid offers great medical coverage. Many times, it is just a matter of having a good health insurance agent to guide you with all the necessary information.

It is important to know the benefits that you can access to acquire this type of service. One company stands out from the rest, that will support you in the best way and at whichever time you’re ready.

In our next interview Rudy Urias, originally from El Paso, Texas, shares with us his passion for his work as a health insurance agent where he reflects that he is not just an agent, but that he is a professional adviser committed to society so more people acquire the best information to choose a good health insurance.

According to their motto, “Be prepared for the unexpected”, Rudy Urias Health Insurance offers you the best medical insurance assistance and above all with the best experience.

1. How did the idea of ​​creating your company come about, what can you tell us about it?
Rudy: I’ve been involved in health insurance since the Obamacare program started, I was selling insurance and I started building enough of a portfolio where I made the decision to become independent and create my own office; I am very happy with it.

The Affordable Care Act, orally known as Obamacare, is a government program where people who qualify receive subsidies so that health insurance is cheaper or even free. Obamacare was signed on March 23, 2010 and promoted by President Barack Obama. It is a Health Reform, aimed at making medical insurance more accessible and affordable for everyone.

2. How does a health insurance agent work?
Rudy: A process is done to see if they qualify for the program to receive the discounts and then they enroll them. There are certain rules and conditions, for example, there are registration periods, usually you cannot register when you want during the year, you have to register in a period from November 1 to January 15. It is open to everyone, then only people with certain requirements can qualify, such as if they just lost health insurance in the last 60 days either through work or a government program or if they just got their residency or newer if income is limited. For example, if a family of one earns less than $19,000 a year, they may qualify for insurance even if it’s half the year.

3. Your company is Rudy Urias Health Insurance, which companies are you affiliated with?
Rudy: That’s a very good question. I am an independent broker, I am not tied to representing a single company, I am licensed with the companies available in Texas and New Mexico. I am affiliated with the most popular insurance companies in the US, such as United Healthcare, Aetna, Molina Healthcare, Ambettec, BlueCross BlueShield, Friday Health Plans and Oscar

4. There is a new stipulation that was recently unveiled. What is the new limited income special enrollment requirement about?
Rudy: Government aid is very much tied to how taxes are filed. The reason is because the subsidy that the government gives you is giving you an advance on your taxes and depending on your income, the government determines how much help you receive.

Rudy continued, “This year to help more people enroll they made changes. There is a table that the government uses at the federal poverty level, where if the person earns less than 150% of that table they qualify to enroll in the middle of the year. Let’s say if they want to enroll today it would be effective the first of the following month or if they want to make a change as well. There are people who enroll in a plan and it was not what they expected, or sometimes the doctor is not there when they need him, they can make the change if they wish.”

Let’s break it down which families can qualify:

  • If you are a family of one making an income of less than 19,320,
  • A family of two with an income of 26,130,
  • A family of three with an income of 32,940 and
  • A family of four with an income of 39,570

5. Undoubtedly a great benefit. Who else can qualify for government help?
Rudy: Because it is an aid, they have to be Americans, residents, or people who declare taxes, who have lost insurance in the last 60 days, whether they have had insurance or not, can enter at any time of the year. The regular registration period is from February to November.

6. We know that you are in the City of El Paso, Texas, there are several people who do not speak English fully. Does Rudy Urias Health Insurance have translators to offer the service in other languages?
Rudy: Yes, of course! We also speak Spanish, we offer consultation or registration services remotely or via the phone. Most important thing is that my clients feel confident and that they will be attended personally by me.

7. What is the most common problem a person faces if they do not have health insurance and how can you help?
Rudy: The main problem is that people think that getting insurance is very expensive, most people qualify for government help and every year the government has been giving even more and more people to make it more affordable. Another very common mistake is that they believe their doctors are not in their network. Users usually take cheaper insurance and they realize later that their doctor is not in their network, so I always make sure they are.

“One of the advantages of being a broker with all companies is that I help them select the plan that best suits the person according to their needs, the network of doctors, the price, details of the benefits of the medical service that it includes” Urias said.

Rudy emphasizes, “In addition, it is too much information and it is often very confusing to understand what a medical service offers you. I simplify them in a way that is more understandable so that they know more about their benefits. For example, when they open the page to see the insurance options here in El Paso, there are about 140 different options of plans and companies, among all the options the difficult thing is which one to choose, so I help them choose. Listening to their needs and then with my experience we select the ideal plan.”

8. Good to know you’re looking out for them! Anything else you want to add?
Rudy: It is my passion to help people, it is something that fills me with satisfaction to help so many people with their insurance and I thank everyone who continues seeking my service. I have a lot of experience as a health insurance agent and I invite everyone who is looking for insurance to reach out, I’ll always be here to help you find your best option.

If you are interested in using Rudy Urias services and live anywhere in Texas or New Mexico, Rudy is your best bet!

For more information, contact Rudy Urias Health Insurance via telephone (915) 526-8179 and follow his journey over at Facebook and Instagram.

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