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Trap Gambino, MMA fighter

Trap Gambino, motivates himself from online negativity and trolling to lose weight and reach his dreams

“They were here to make me stronger…”

The purpose of starting a goal and achieving it for thousands of people is always a challenge that makes them stronger. To be focused is an important factor when starting a career, for example, writing a book, moving to another country, or engaging in physical activities to lose weight.

When this type of transformation occurs, human beings are not ready to face certain criticisms from those who do not understand the adaptation processes or challenges that those people who set out to make change a reality in their lives went through. Sharing our progress through social networks which represents the modern times of communication can have two different impacts, positive or negative.

It is here, when all the comments or remarks can become an obstacle and it can go both way, either you give up or take them as inspiration and turn them into their greatest motivation to achieve your dream.

In our next exclusive interview for, we talk to Trap Gambino, originally from Ohio, who more than a year ago appeared in the well known television show, Dr. Phil, to speak about his struggles with online bullying and his actions towards negative comments decided to gain back control of his life.

Gambino is now an example that has taken all this negative energy as motivation and now is reaching for his dreams and becoming an MMA Fighter, entering the entertainment industry as a rapper and actor and achieving success.

1. Thank you Trap for the interview and sharing your story of challenges with my readers. How would you describe Trap Gambino?
Gambino: Determined.

2. Is there a meaning behind the name, Trap Gambino?
Gambino: Trap is short for my real name Travis and Gambino is a stage name for when I make music. I decided to make this combination and now in my social networks and in my life I identify myself like this.

3. Interesting, why did you decide to begin training to become an MMA Fighter?
Gambino: I started training to lose weight! I wanted to become a fighter after online bullies left negative comments daily. They were my fuel in the beginning.

4. Impressive, without a doubt, every process of physical change requires training at all levels. How have you been preparing in recent months, how many hours do you train?
Gambino: I train 2 to 5 hours a day for 5 to 7 day a week. I pretty much do some type of training everyday. Lately, I’ve been working more on my physical conditioning and losing more weight!

-Trap Gambino, MMA fighter. Photo: Jose Esquilin

In February 2021, Trap Gambino was interviewed on the television talk show, Dr. Phil, where they revealed his dream of becoming an MMA fighter, during the broadcast they mentioned the issue of social networks, where according to Trap Gambino for him are important as they help him pursue his career.

The Dr. Phil Show is an American talk show and television series featuring host and personality Dr. Phil McGraw, who offers advice from his experience as a psychologist. The show has been renowned for the most comprehensive forum on mental health issues in television history.

During the broadcast, Gambino noted that internet trolls have gotten so out of control that he’s been kicked out of gyms and restaurants and has lost trainers for it.

-Trap Gambino, MMA fighter. Photo: TG

5. We know you were a guest at Dr. Phil’s, how was your experience and how did you feel after the show?
Gambino: The Dr. Phil Show was heavily edited and taken out of context.

6. During the Dr. Phil show, the use of social media in your personal life is emphasized. Why are social networks important to you?
Gambino: Social media is the new name tag. Social media is how we meet and greet nowadays. It’s the current and the future but I feel we all think social media is important.

7. Do you believe online trolls have stopped your professional growth?
Gambino: In the beginning, sure! I had no choice but to out work these people! Now, it doesn’t affect me at all. But it wasn’t easy!

8. Have you been affected mentally?
Gambino: Of course! It’s broken me and rebuilt me a few times. The level of harassment some of these online bullies bring to not only myself but my family, friends, and co-workers is horrible. I’m human! But I’ve grown from it and don’t regret running into these people.

Gambino emphasizes, “They were here to make me stronger.” When asked what would be the message to the people who did not believed in him, he highlighted,

“I hope you find something that helps you believe in yourself because I’m not more important to your story than you.”

-Trap Gambino, MMA fighter, Actor, Rapper

Trap Gambino, has proven to be a multifaceted young man, in addition to being an MMA fighter, he writes his songs in independent productions such as Carol’s Christmas, Cupcake, Killer Popcorn and Stealing Chaplin, which can be seen through his IMDbPro platform.

-Trap Gambino, Actor. Photo: TG

10. You’re also creating music, how did this other part of your life start?
Gambino: I’ve been creating music and performing since I was 14. Music has always been a strong part of my life!

11. Impressive, how you have managed to grow. Your goal has been to be a successful singer and MMA fighter, do you consider that this is your moment?
Gambino: I do. I think this is the perfect place and time for me.

12. What would be your message to people who want to get into the MMA world?
Gambino: Don’t let anybody tell you this sport is humble. It’s anything but. Never let them tell you who you are.

13. What’s next for Trap Gambino?
Gambino: The world and everything in it.

14. To whom do you dedicate all of your success?
Gambino: Myself. I’m a self made man in more ways than one.

-Trap Gambino, Rapper. Photo: TG

Trap Gambino has lost a significant amount of weight since the last time we saw him publicly at Dr Phil‘s and hopes to continues to lose weight as he progresses in his MMA fighting journey. We can’t wait to see what Gambino has in store next and hope he inspires others to stand tall over online negativity and despite all reach your dreams.

Follow Trap Gambino in all of his social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube Channel.

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