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Verónica Moya, How to Elope in New York City, Spiritual teacher, intuitive coach & Reiki master, originally from Argentina

Veronica Moya’s upcoming book “How to Elope in New York City” will guide you on how to plan the micro-wedding of your dreams

“This book is both a guide and a reality check…”

Did you just say yes to your boyfriend? Have you not been able to sleep because you’re thinking about the wedding of your dreams? Would you like to get married in New York City but you don’t have enough money?

For all these doubts and stressful uncertainties before the most important event of your life and before starting a life together with your partner, we recommend a new upcoming book that will be your best guide for your micro-wedding in New York City.

Don’t torment yourself any longer! Veronica Moya, a spiritual teacher, intuitive coach and micro-wedding expert, originally from Argentina, has created a unique concept to help you prepare and celebrate the next chapter of your life.

In today’s world, and after the pandemic, couples are opting for smaller weddings. It has become a standard in a more intimate and private setting. In Moya’s new book, How to Elope in New York City, she offers all the tools to save money and time putting your wedding together from getting your legal documents, planning the ceremony to hiring your vendors and more!

Like no other book, it is the most comprehensive guide to micro-weddings in New York City. Elopement made easy! Veronica mentions in her upcoming book, “This book is both a guide and a reality check that will lift the veil of secrecy (pun intended!) behind the planning and execution of a small wedding.”

Veronica Moya’s goal is to have an intimate wedding for all those romantic and adventurous couples who are looking to have an unforgettable wedding in a historic setting and experience a glamorous event without spending thousands of dollars in one of the most emblematic cities of the world.

Moya will teach you in her book that if you do it right, have your documents set, you plan accordingly, look out for what to avoid, what you can do yourself, and when to hire professionals, among many other tips and recommendations, then you can indeed have the wedding of your dreams for the fraction of the cost.

Wedding guru, Veronica Moya, has you covered by giving you an inside look on how to accomplish it, providing guidelines and advice for every aspect.

Here are a few things you can find in How to Elope in New York City when planning your micro-wedding:

  • How to obtain the necessary legal documents without leaving your home
  • How to get the best wedding suppliers, such as flowers, music, transportation and photography
  • Wedding venues in New York City and Central Park
  • Expert tips and tricks you won’t hear anywhere else
  • How to do it yourself without losing your sanity, or your friends
  • The essentials and not-so-essentials for your micro-wedding
  • Stress-free solutions for dealing with difficulties: weather, traffic, crowds, tardiness and even emotional family members!
How to Elope in New York City by Veronica Moya

In the last 15 years, Veronica has become a leader in the micro-wedding industry in The Big Apple and even opened her own elopement company titled, Wedding Packages NYC.

“I have attended, organized, planned, and officiated an average of 250 weddings a year—that’s more than 3,000 weddings’ worth of experience!”

-Veronica Moya, author of How to Elope in New York City, states in her book.

Rightfully named in the top 10 entrepreneurs to watch in 2021 by Yahoo News. Not even a pandemic has stopped Veronica, she has been featured in various media outlets such as The New York Times, The Financial Times, Cosmopolitan, WNBC, Fox News, New York-1, and Telemundo.

Not just that, Moya launched the first Las Vegas-style wedding chapel in Manhattan’s upper west side titled, Love Chapel NYC, alongside with her husband, they have received international recognition from Fox News, NBC, the New York Post, Business Insider and more.

In How to Elope in New York City, Moya provides an insight and what to expect, as an experienced New Yorker, when planning the wedding of your dreams in the busiest city in the world.

Without a doubt, this book is different from any other on the market thanks to its creator. The book breaks down various elements that will help any bride be more prepared and experienced thanks to Veronica’s expertise. Expect to learn when to hire a professional, picking the right restaurant or venue, and what to do next when things don’t go as planned, among many other things!

Get ready to gain all the knowledge and tools you will need to plan your micro-wedding of your dreams in New York City and save time and money while doing so. The book will go on sale this April 9 and pre-order How to Elope in New York City now on Amazon here.

For more information visit Veronica Moya’s official company site, and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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