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The Mainstreem, Crypto Token, Metaverse, Entertainment

The Mainstreem, a new platform to earn digitally for content creators

The future of the entertainment industry…

Cryptocurrency has managed to grow in an unprecedented way, cryptocurrency is an electronic currency that lives in a digital world and has value that only exists in the internet. Nonetheless, you purchase cryptocurrency with fiat (physical) money. The economic impact generated by the appearance of cryptocurrencies and tokens is causing an evolution in those who are interested in getting involved in this type of business.

The Mainstreem, will be able to offer just that, a new entertainment platform, which is under development launching this Spring 2022. The platform is based on content creation which in addition to guaranteeing great profits, it will do so by making you grow through the branch you are most passionate about.

Are you an artist, musician, writer or film director? The Mainstreem, will boost your business by earning extra money through passive income, that is, automatically generating profits 24 hours a day.

The Mainstreem company has a lot to offer, one of its characteristics is that it uses the token, which is the purchasing unit of cryptocurrency, as the main source of transaction between clients and creators. It is worth mentioning that The Mainstreem, will become the first intelligent communal city in the world.

Linked to this entire digital system is the Non-Fungible Token (NFT), which makes the service offered by The Mainstreem even more interesting. NFT is a unique digital asset that makes it difficult for anybody to copy or clone your art. Thus, if you are an artist and creator of NFT it will help you promote your knowledge and artistic product in a safe way.

The main objective of The Mainstreem, it’s for more people to join this new way of earning and growing in the entertainment business. For this reason, it includes the Metaverse, the most advanced in virtual technology which describes the immersive and multisensory experience in applied use of various devices and technological developments on the internet.

In addition, the platform will help clients to employ the best market strategy to seek and recruit directors, crew, cast, and everything related to filmmaking.

The Mainstreem is a digital marketplace for various content. It is a new store that will house music, movies, books and more. It’s where content creators will be able to manage their releases, keep track of purchases, allowing users to browse all their new and exclusive titles from their favorite content creator. Plus, it will be subscriber based!

This new platform is sure to stay on the cutting edge of technology and creativity. The people behind The Mainstreem will be on the side of creators and connecting them to their audience in a new digital era.

The Mainstreem staff will be a dedicated team and promise to work responsibly with each of their clients, which are ultimately their creators, putting them at an advantage that will help reach millions of people around the world to obtain win-win results.

If you are thinking of growing as an artist, writer or film director, don’t hesitate to be part of this new way of promoting your ideas with the best digital technology and reaching millions of people who are looking for new content in this new portal.

For more information, prices and rates go to their official page, and follow them on YouTube, Twitter and TikTok.

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