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Arvin Niknia, blogger, entrepreneur, bodybuilder, writer

Who is Arvin Niknia and why is everyone talking about him?

He faced racism and made a positive turn in his life…

There are countless publications on the internet and in various media outlets that are talking about a man who is managing to combine his healthy lifestyle, being an influencer, writer and a man of business.

It is about a blogger, entrepreneur, bodybuilder and book writer, Arvin Niknia, who is showing the entire world how success can be achieved.

Niknia was born on August 12 of 1983 in Tehran, Iran, but from a very young age he migrated with his family to Denmark, despite initially their first destination was going to be Canada.

At an early stage of his life, after the fall of the Iranian, King Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, the situation in Iran became chaotic. Niknia’s father resigned from the army because there was no longer a future in that country and, like many Iranians, the family chose to go abroad.

Arvin Niknia, experienced several issues with racism while studying in Denmark, it was very difficult for him and his family to adapt as migrants abroad.

However, nothing stopped him and his tenacity made him stronger. Since his childhood he ventured into bodybuilding, and through time and hours of training, his teenage dream and his passion propelled him to be the bodybuilder he always yearned to be.

Niknia goes by the nickname, “Baba Shoja-el-Din,” in the Iranian bodybuilding world. Currently, he has over a decade long experience in the bodybuilding industry, now he motivates his followers to achieve a physical and healthy lifestyle.

“Some are born strong, and others are made strong.”

-Arvin Niknia, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Bodybuilder and Writer

The life of Arvin is not only focused on bodybuilding, there’s other phases he shares with his audience. As a successful businessman, Niknia enjoys sharing his extensive experience in finance and statistical data.

As an entrepreneur, he bought multiple real estate properties. Plus, he also started his own pizzeria titled, Herlev Pizza, which brings a wide range of flavors in Denmark.

Arvin’s business ventures don’t end there, he created and developed his wooden watch business bringing high-quality and premium watches for both office and street wear. In 2020, Arvin launched his online clothing store, Maximum4you, as a joint venture with Woodmagic. It provides free shipping across Europe, Russia, and the United States. 

Later, Niknia continued his academic growth studying Sociology, Islamic Civilization, and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. He wanted to explore more about the Middle Eastern Language and its Culture.

Inspired by the famous socialist writer Fanon and philosopher Jean-Paul Satre, Arvin decided to write his first book, The Rise and Fall of Iran and The Middle EastThe Fall of Democracy, published on January 16, 2021.

The book goes in depth about the challenges democracy in the Middle East faced and the Iranian revolution, which changed thousands of Iranians’ lives, including his father’s, an Imperial Colonel, to the King of Iran.

Niknia also wrote other books, such as Danish Racism and The Bad Blood. In his writing portfolio, he also wrote multiple online articles related to fitness, diet, and bodybuilding. In his works, he raises his voice on many social issues, including racism.

Without a doubt, a visionary businessman we all can learn from and we hope he continues to inspire his fans, bodybuilders, and the world with the work that he does. Follow Arvin Niknia’s journey on his social networks, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and his blog feed,

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