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Larry Margulies will launch upcoming podcast “Child Killer” to help solve the murder of his daughter and other crimes

Join to this intriguing podcast launching this March…

After going through one of the most painful episodes of his life, the murder of his daughter, Larry Margulies, decided to launch a podcast titled, Child Killer podcast.

Child Killer will stream with the intention of bringing awareness and solving his particular case that occurred in Boston. Not only that but also help victims that are coping with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that he was diagnosed with for the loss of his daughter.

In this following interview article, Margulies will expose aspects that led him to make the podcast, and invites all people who wish to join and together solve the murder of his daughter and heal his trauma related to crimes.

1. We know you had a heartbreaking moment in your life. What can you tell us about that?
Larry: My entire life was based on trying to have a family who is good or loving. Actually, I have tried escaping my own family since I was born into the Yudowitz family. I asked to be given up for adoption as a child because no one dared to interfere with my father. So, these family members always tried to make things difficult for me, and that lead to the contract on my life and my baby being murdered. It is more than spite or jealousy, but also to save them money.

Margulies is the son of the late Dr. Bernard S. Yudowitz, who is best known for his involvement with the O. J. Simpson trial and the John Gotti defense teams.

Given the situation that he has experienced around his family, Lawrence Yudowitz made the decision to change his name to Larry Margulies.

2. What will Child Killer be?
Larry: Child Killer will be my attempt to heal. Healing is a way to rebuild my life but also stopping the security people who are responsible. So, I have developed several types of episodes, each the beginning of a series in themselves, all geared towards the subject matters of my true-crime life story,

“My baby girl was murdered in front of me, and horribly so, it could have been prevented, so could have the assassination attempts on me before and afterwards. What is uncovered is significant corruption and also ignorance on the US State Departments part, also the FBI, and anyone who might have connections to my family as they did nothing as well.”

-Larry Margulies, Child Killer Podcast Creator

3. To whom is your podcast for?
Larry: My podcast will be aimed at everyone, from those with a moral interest to help, who want to hear a real tragedy happening now, to crime buffs who want a try at a real investigation, students who want to practice their criminology skills, and survivors who want to heal.

Larry continued, “My baby girl was the only Yudowitz girl, to be an American Jew since the mother was declared a Jew on her NBI records it may seem a far reach, but this assassination was similar to a genocide because the Yudowitz name is extremely rare. We are a pure breed, from a previously wiped-out family from the wars, and my girl was the only girl in my family.”

4. When and where can they listen to it?
Larry: The Child Killer podcast will launch in March of 2022, the first episodes will be raw audio of myself and then go onto episodes with guests. I expect it to become better in quality, and I have begun setting up a Patreon so that donations can help with productions.

5. You’re a person who has developed PTSD, with this podcast do you believe it will help you overcome it?
Larry: My diagnosis by a board-certified psychiatrist is trauma, yes, and my podcast will invite guests to help relieve the trauma and that should only help myself and listeners heal better.

6. Anything else you would like to add?
Larry: I hope that people around the world can stop ignoring what goes on around them. That is a fear-based idea that is prevalent in the world’s societies. Minding one’s own business will stop the progress we need as a world to heal.

To join the upcoming podcast visit

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