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Good Fridae, Singer, Entrepreneur, Anyone, I Choose you

Good Fridae will enchant audiences with her debut and first single ever, “Anyone (I Choose You)”

This Canadian artist has built her own company to release her songs…

Good Fridae, singer and entrepreneur, releases her first single, “Anyone (I Choose You)” a piece of pop genre music that you’ll love.

At just 15, she began to venture into the artistic medium, she is an artist originally from Toronto, Canada, but has lived most of her life in the suburbs of the city of Scarborough.

Good Fridae is a creative, philanthropic fighter for love and justice who considers herself a Greek Goddess who loves art.

In an exclusive interview for, we had the opportunity to talk about her passion as a singer and entrepreneur, which led her to debut her first single ever, “Anyone (I Choose You)” and launch herself as an independent artist.

1. Thank you, we know you’re a very busy person and give yourself a moment for this interview. First of all, what is the meaning of Good Fridae?
Fridae: The meaning of Good Fridae is “Great Fridae” my Goddess name. I was given the name Fridae in honor of my great grandmothers on both sides. One had the Greek version, the other the Italian version, all boiling down to the name Friday. I changed the Y to an E when I turned 18. My parents used sever “English” names because the predominantly white schools couldn’t pronounce the ethnic version. Good Fridae herself wasn’t discovered until the spiritual awakening in March 2020, my real moniker.

2. Very interesting. How did you get started in the artistic world?
Fridae: I began with singing and dancing in school, doing theater productions and musicals before deciding to do acting professionally.

3. You’re a producer and an entrepreneur, how have you managed to combine these two phases in your life?
Fridae: Being a producer is only one of the many things I do, with a creative mind like mine being an entrepreneur is the only way to create my visions my way. You know, without the executive suits that know nothing about art. Being a woman in a mans world, is always hard. We are often overlooked for many things including well deserved promotions our male counter parts aren’t half as qualified. Because l’m a woman, this proved to be extra difficult and I did what I do best, make my own lane. 

Good Fridae runs her own company, Mattas Entertainment Group since 2006, where she writes and co-produces her own music.

Since Good Fridae was 15, she was already beginning her career in the artistic medium. She has been on stage with groups such as Girlz Inc, Xquisite, Infinity and Pussycat Dolls.

Additionally, she participated in various shows such as Degrassi, Instant Star and Saving Hope. Also, in the world of filmmaking she was part of Love Guru and Training Day, which led her to prepare, learn and evolve as an artist.

4. We know you have participated in various musical groups, what can you tell us about that?
Fridae: Being in musical girl groups was very challenging, we all had different personalities, talent levels and reasons for joining the groups. A major factor to their failure was the dedication to the work it takes to make it in the music world, it’s not easy. Women are most competitive with each other and when you add fame and fortune, people lose touch with reality and morals because they don’t know their worth.

5. How hard is it to stay relevant in the musical world?
Fridae: To stay relevant these days is all about that next slapping song but also image plays a huge role. Today you need to be real with the people to gain their true loyalty. When I worked in A&R for the major labels, they all wanted what the others had because it was already selling.

Good Fridae explains, “To the labels you’re a product, they give you a loan and want a return on their investment. I opted to release my music independently. Now, I have full control and all royalties go back to my label, not to some old man’s pockets. Plus, with short attention spans and multiple social media musical apps, loyal fans are hard to find these days but some fans are too invested in the artist’s personal life.”

6. You have prepared enough and today is your moment. You’re ready for your next single, “Anyone (I Choose You).” How did you create the soundtrack and to whom do you dedicate it to?
Fridae: This is my first single and my debut track. I’ve been working on this song for a few years now. There were many obstacles to hurdle before this end result but I made it happen.

-Good Fridae, “Anyone (I Choose You)”

7. Will you be performing in concerts anytime soon?
Fridae: Things are still up in the air with the pandemic, closures and cancellations. I will do some concerts when the world has stabilized. I don’t want to be one of those artists who announce a tour and cancel it the next week due to COVID circumstances.

8. What’s next for Good Fridae?
Fridae: I am currently working with my producer Rain, on a five track pop gospel EP with a range of sounds, hopefully will be released by end of year, if all goes as planned.

Thank you Good Fridae for speaking to us and good luck in your debut with “Anyone (I Choose You),” we cannot wait to see what you come up with next.

Listen to “Anyone (I Choose You),” on Spotify, buy the single over at AppleMusic, and follow her on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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