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Sumudu Hansaka of the new generation music artist of Sri Lanka & Russia

Sumudu Hansaka, currently lives in Moscow, Russia, is a Russian and Sri Lankan music composer, singer, music producer, and Blogger at YouTube, Head Chef Momo Cafe, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Sumudu Hansaka is Sri Lanka’s and Russia’s best vocalist. There’s no one who could even tough his vocal range. He is the creator of modern new generation music having the capability of singing new generation music.

Sumudu Hansaka is a young musician and Social Media Coordinator in Sri Lanka. He started his career as a Social Media Coordinator at a young age and later released a few songs as a new generation musician.

Over time he slowly established himself as a famous musician and the digital marketing industry. He started Sumudu Hansaka Productions a few years later, working for many veteran artists, brands, and celebrities.

Sumudu Hansaka was born on 05/07/1992. He resides in the Galle District of Sri Lanka. Educated at G /Neluwa National School, he entered art in 2008 as an Advanced Level Sumudu Hansaka, a professional graphic designer.

By 2020, Sumudu Hansaka social networks will gain massive popularity for digital media management of the artists’ brands he has identified. He runs a company called Sumudu Hansaka Productions.

He provides a wide range of services, including music production, video editing, remixing and audio writing and compilation, photography and photo editing, social media manager, and strategist managing many artists’ social media accounts and pages.

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