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Wenwen Jiang Product UXUI Design, Shanghai, China

Wenwen Jiang takes over the world of cyberspace with her design talent and innovation

“AI serves as a tool to amplify human capabilities…”

The curiosity and creativity of a young woman originally from Shanghai, China, led her to prepare herself in a scenario full of devices, in which she has not only observed but dismantled them to explore their internal mechanisms and thus design them in her own way.

As time went by, she became passionate about art and technology, which sparked her interest in exploring the relationship between user-centered design and innovation.

This is how Wenwen Jiang laid the foundations for her passion for technology and with her knowledge began to design and create digital products.

In an exclusive interview for, Wenwen Jiang shares with us how she is conquering the world with her talent and inspiring innovation through cyberspace.

1. How do you describe yourself?
Jiang: First, I’m so glad to be invited to have this interview, and about myself, I would describe myself as an internationally acclaimed digital product UX/UI designer and leader with over 15 years of diverse experience across various sectors, including blockchain, payment systems, IoT, software, LBS, and eCommerce. My background spans engineering, design, and Human-Computer Interaction and Design (HCID) education, fostering a unique multidisciplinary approach to design challenges. I take immense pride in being an inventor, holding patents in product design solutions, and as an author of numerous National Journal papers and influential books focused on HCI and UX design.

Wenwen added,

“I enjoy inspiring others by exploring the endless possibilities of design and innovation.”

Wenwen Jiang Digital product UX/UI designer

2. How did you decide to enter the world of computers?
Jiang: Love this question! During my college years, I initially pursued information engineering, fascinated by the technical intricacies of computing. Yet, my passion for digital design ignited when I enrolled in a course that delved into the artistry of design within the digital realm. The allure of merging technology with artistic expression led me to pursue a second major in visual design.

Jiang continued, “This decision offered insights into foundational art principles, aesthetics, and the profound impact of emotional design. It was a pivotal moment where I recognized the transformative potential of computers in crafting user-centric experiences. Motivated by the prospect of harmonizing human interaction with technological innovation, I further immersed myself in the realms of UX/UI design.”

“I ventured to the United States, where I continued to hone my expertise. I completed my master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction Design (HCID) at the University of California, Irvine. Over the past decade, I’ve had the privilege of contributing to various sectors, focusing on creating immersive digital experiences that seamlessly blend technology and human interaction.” Jiang said.

3. How would you define being a leader in HCI and UX/UI design?
Jiang: Well, being a leader in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and UX/UI design transcends simply directing a team; it’s about shaping experiences and fostering innovation. As a leader in this field, it involves steering the convergence of technology, design, and human behavior towards creating seamless, intuitive, and impactful digital interactions. It requires not just managing teams but championing user-centricity, guiding research-driven design, and being at the forefront of adopting emerging technologies and methodologies.

“A leader in HCI and UX/UI design inspires and mentors, instills a culture of continuous learning and experimentation, and drives teams towards crafting solutions that transcend mere functionality to deliver compelling, delightful user experiences” expressed Jiang.

Wenwen Jiang, Digital product UX/UI designer

4. How have you made your way into cybernetics? 
Jiang: My journey into cybernetics began when I explored the intersection of art, technology, and human interaction. I recognized the immense potential of computers to create intuitive experiences. This realization sparked my interest in understanding the deeper connections between humans and machines.

5. Have you expanded your knowledge in information engineering and artistic design? Tell us about it.
Jiang: Certainly. My academic foundation in information engineering provided me with a strong technical understanding of systems and computational principles. Building upon this, my pursuit of artistic design, particularly in visual design, enabled me to delve into the world of aesthetics, art theories, and the psychology of design. This multidisciplinary approach fostered a unique blend of analytical thinking from engineering and creativity from design, enhancing my ability to create impactful and user-centric digital experiences.

Wenwen emphasized,

“I’ve continued to expand my knowledge through hands-on projects, continuous learning, and collaborations, allowing me to bridge the gap between technology and user-centered design.”

Wenwen Jiang, Digital product UX/UI designer

6. How did you create 4 patents on design solutions?
Jiang: Creating these four patents stemmed from my deep immersion in the realms of digital product design and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). It involved an intricate process of ideation, innovation, and extensive research into user needs and technological advancements. Each patent originated from identifying critical gaps or challenges in various industries and then devising inventive solutions to address them. This journey encompassed collaboration with cross-disciplinary teams, leveraging my background in information engineering, artistic design, and HCI education to engineer groundbreaking design solutions.

Jiang explained, “The patents emerged as a result of meticulous design thinking, prototyping, user testing, and iterative refinement, culminating in these pioneering solutions that aimed to revolutionize such as indoor agriculture, photo editing, mobile fund transfers, and cash withdrawal experiences.”

7. Tell us a little about the 7 national magazines and books on HCI/UX design.
Jiang: These publications include groundbreaking papers such as ‘Design of Human-Computer Interaction Teaching System Based on Virtual Reality Technology’ and ‘Research on Human-Computer Interaction Innovation in Multi-touch Environment.’ Additionally, I’ve explored the realm of Vehicle Human-Computer Interaction and delved into the intricate landscape of mobile interaction design gestures and their applications.

“These insights were further echoed in journals discussing Interaction Design in the Internet of Things, illustrating my commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital experiences. As an author and editor, my role expanded to include the creation and curation of essential literature, serving as the chief editor of ‘Web Design and Making,’ authoring ‘HCI and Artificial Intelligence,’ and contributing as an editor for ‘Industrial Design Research.’ These contributions aimed not only to enlighten but also to shape the landscape of design education and industry practices” reiterated Wenwen.

Wenwen Jiang, Digital product UX/UI designer

8. It is said that Artificial Intelligence is increasingly replacing humans, what is your opinion about this?
Jiang: The advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) undeniably reshapes numerous industries, but I firmly believe that it’s not about replacement but augmentation. AI’s integration empowers humans by automating repetitive tasks, enabling more efficient processes, and enhancing decision-making. However, the essence of human creativity, empathy, and critical thinking remains unparalleled. Instead of replacing humans, AI serves as a tool to amplify human capabilities, allowing us to focus on higher-level problem-solving, innovation, and complex decision-making, particularly in fields like design and UX/UI.

Jiang emphasized,

“Collaboration between AI and human intellect represents the future, where innovation thrives through a harmonious synergy between technology and human ingenuity.”

Wenwen Jiang, Digital product UX/UI designer

9. Has it been easy to get to where you are?
Jiang: Well, my journey has been both rewarding and challenging. It wasn’t a linear path; there were moments of triumph and obstacles that required perseverance. However, each challenge became an opportunity for growth, enabling me to refine my skills and broaden my perspective. Overall, the journey has been fulfilling, marked by continuous learning and dedication to my craft.

10. What’s next for Wenwen J.?
Jiang: The road ahead is brimming with exciting prospects. I’m devoted to furthering my influence in the realm of digital product design, innovating and leading with a focus on creating meaningful user experiences. There are ongoing projects aiming to explore new frontiers in design, leveraging emerging technologies to shape the future of user interaction and experience. Additionally, I’m committed to mentoring and guiding aspiring designers, sharing insights, and contributing to the evolving landscape of design education and innovation.

11. What message do you give to new generations about knowledge of technology?
Jiang: Embrace the boundless possibilities that technology offers. It’s a tool that can revolutionize our world when used responsibly and creatively. My advice to the new generation is to nurture an insatiable curiosity about technology and its potential. Explore, learn, and innovate fearlessly, but always remember the significance of ethical and inclusive design that benefits society as a whole.

Wenwen insisted,

“Technology isn’t just about advancements; it’s about crafting solutions that improve lives.”

Wenwen Jiang, Product UXUI Design

12. To whom do you dedicate your success to?
Jiang: My achievements are a culmination of supports from numerous individuals. Firstly, my family, whose unwavering encouragement and belief in my pursuits have been fundamental. Secondly, the mentors and colleagues who have guided and inspired me throughout my journey.

Jiang concluded, “Lastly, the users and clients whose feedback and challenges have driven me to constantly innovate and improve. Each of these entities has played a pivotal role in my professional growth and accomplishments.”

Thank you Wenwen Jiang for this phenomenal interview, it is undoubtedly impressive to learn about your passion for technology, design and your contribution to the world of cyberspace.

To learn more about Wenwen Jiang journey follow her Instagram and LinkedIn.

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