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Alessandro Ricci, CEO, Roma, pharmaceutical world

Meet Alessandro Ricci and learn about his path to success in the pharmaceutical world

Living the American dream…

“Revolutionizing the American pharma market and selling all the products of my new company, which flaunts huge chemical abilities. I want to transfer these abilities to the American world.” These are the words of the Italian entrepreneur Alessandro Ricci when he describes his ambitious project to conquer the United States’ market. 

Ricci is a talented CEO, product developer and life-cycle management expert in the pharma world. 

Originally from Rome, Italy, the 43-year-old continues to visualize his success in his field, seeking strategies to take health product companies to other levels in the market.

Due to his great ability, knowledge, experience and intelligence, he has been responsible for the strategic success of many international pharmaceutical companies in the US.

Ricci is the mastermind behind the development and approval by the Food and Drug Administration of popular drugs and active substances: for instance, Fluticasone Propionate, generic of Advair, mostly used to treat respiratory issues. 

Moreover, his great achievements are found in the development of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) Fulvestrant, used in the generic cancer drug Faslodex, of the API Clascoterone, which is used to treat acne vulgaris, and of Abiraterone acetate, a medication used to treat prostate cancer. 

However, how did Alessandro Ricci become who he is today?

His American dream was evident since he was a child. In elementary school, he used to draw the Manhattan skyline, dreamed of living on American soil and being inspired by the big city lights.

After studying marketing at Kingston University in London, he was hired as a sales manager at Avis rent a car, dealing with commercial sales, this enabled him to become a regional manager and soon after a national manager.

At the age of 26, Alessandro moved to the States and lived in Georgia, where he was in charge of business development for an Italian company specialized in concrete technology, MCT Supply.

Shortly after, he began working in the pharmaceutical world. The first company he got involved with was Sterling, a leading manufacturer specialized in providing APIs to the global biopharmaceutical industry. Alessandro moved to New York and oversaw the entire creation of Sterling‘s US branch. After being promoted to become the Global Commercial Director, the Italian businessman became CCO of Milan-based Steroid, another major company specialized in API manufacturing.

Later, in 2019, he began working for Aurisco, a Chinese company engaged in the research, production, and sale of raw materials, key intermediates, APIs, and medicines.

For Ricci, the secret to success in this business is being able to create solid human relationships and understanding the full potential of the products.

As a CEO, he has a unique talent to visualize a drug project and explain to clients what could be achieved with a final product, assisting them in production, regulatory aspects, and market approval, thus ensuring positioning of the product in the market.

Alessandro Ricci is undoubtedly a combination of talent, knowledge and achievements. His career has shown a steady path to success. And the sky is the limit. Definitely, an inspirational path to follow for everyone interested in the world of pharmaceuticals.

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