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Tarantino, Hard Melo Music Records, music producer

“You have to believe in yourself and fight for your ideal”: Tarantino, creator of Hard Melo Music Records

Young music producer…

One year ago, Quentin Morissaint, known as Tarantino in the world of music, began his journey to publish musical pieces.

Always convinced that he would become what he was passionate about and would bring him great satisfaction, he decided to create his own music production house.

Tarantino, born in Kourou, a city and district on the Atlantic coast of French Guiana, tells us in an exclusive interview for how Hard Melo Music Records came to be an independent label that seeks to motivate and revolutionize music.

1. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to know your incredible story, why Tarantino?
Tarantino: I did not choose this name, it was a friend who called me that way and since then it has remained.

2. Interesting, who is Tarantino?
Tarantino: Tarantino is a director and now there’s me, Tarantino the music producer.

Over time, he began to get involved with friends such as rapper Mwana Mayi, and others who would accompany him on his path as a music producer.

3. We know you are a music producer. How did the idea come about?
Tarantino: Since I was young, I constantly listened to music and all my relatives.

4. What genre of music is it?
Tarantino: I don’t have a particular style I listen to all kinds of music especially the one that sounds good to my ears.

5. Hard Melo Music Records is your company. What can you tell us about it?
Tarantino: Hard Melo Music Records is a label that currently contains 6 artists who all have a different style.

At 27 years old, Tarantino has managed to attract the attention of great singers who see in his work an opportunity to make their lyrics and songs known to the world.

Just a year after creating his label, Tarantino already produces for six artists like Mwana Mayi, including urban genre, 2vers, as well as Tekki, a Guyanese artist with international ambitions, and No Name, an up-and-coming English-speaking rapper. Also Cyprien Zeni, co-producing with Nicolas Lassus.

6. How has your experience been working alongside Mwana Mayi, 2vers, Cyprien Zeni and Tekki?
Tarantino: With my artists I work by feeling, I spend a lot of time with them at first, it helps me to identify them and understand their universe.

7. What is the message you want to send to the world through your work as a music producer?
Tarantino: You have to believe in yourself and fight for your ideal.

8. What’s next for Tarantino?
Tarantino: I don’t know yet, time will tell.

Tarantino, Hard Melo Music Records

9. To where you want to go?
Tarantino: I want to go where I can be more free.

Thank you Tarantino for sharing a glimpse of your work as a music producer for Hard Melo Music Records and we know for sure you will continue to harvest success just as you’re doing today.

To learn more about Tarantino’s journey follow him on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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