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Ibrahim Joharji, INJ Architects Studio, Saudi Arabia

Ibrahim Joharji, the entrepreneur who has raised Saudi Arabia to new heights with its architectural designs

Unbelievable designs that you must see…

As technology advances, architecture and its designers are becoming more important around the world. Those who dedicate themselves to this impressive art are specializing and with it they capture the attention of more clients who not only demand a good construction but also the most attractive one.

Architecture, considered a Fine Art, highlights that the Architect, who learns the technique of designing, projecting and constructing buildings and public spaces, must always go beyond a simple project and demonstrate that his work is the best.

However, how do they do it to stand out from the rest? Here is a good example, in this article we will dive into INJ Architects Studio, and his founder, Ibrahim Joharji, who is making history by putting Saudi architecture on the world map in terms of competition and design, just like Albert Einstein said, “We are architects of our own destiny.”

At INJ Architects Studio, founded in 2009, based in Saudi Arabia, their main objective is that through their monumental designs you can feel a genuine harmony between their architecture and its habitants.

They offer commercial to residential projects and they have phenomenal engineering work. In addition, they provide services of modern architectural design and fashionable interior design based on precise studies taking into consideration three major factors, its social environment, its cultural impact and its economic context to meet not only their customers needs but elevate their project.

-Ibrahim Joharji, INJ Architects Studio. Photo: INJ

It is worth mentioning that at INJ Architects Studio, they ensure the functionality, attractiveness and efficiency of all the interior and exterior designs of their projects. To achieve this goal, they include a number of studies and stages of development based on the idea of ​​architectural design.

It is important for the company to do the best work, for this reason, it has to be planned in the right way from the beginning. In some cases, there may be variations in the type of architectural structure to be built, but it is important to follow architectural and technical standards to avoid future built consequences.

At INJ, they feel compelled to have great responsibility and undoubtedly think of every aspect. This includes when it comes to the architectural design phase, they ensure that the services of a consulting engineer can complete the project at a fast pace with the best delivery time.

The founder, Ibrahim Joharji, has as a primary rule, that quality is more important than quantity. To Ibrahim, there are three important elements to successful architectural design, the drive toward simplicity, strength of unity, and mass.

“After all: ‘Simplicity is the dress of perfection'”

-INJ Architects Studio website

Why choose this company to design the building of your dreams? INJ Architects Studio has 13 years offering the best services and above all with quality.

Experience supports them, therefore their team offers the best options when seeking their services. Architects assure quality and professionalism in the field of engineering work, an important piece for their construction.

They have a strong portfolio that speaks for itself, ranging from innovative urban planning to public space sculptures, from new interactive public buildings to interventions within older existing structures.

Witness the incredible work they do. For example, at Nivola museum in Italy, they designed, The Artistic Curl, modern out of this world living spaces with two things in mind. First, the experience of living inside the museum should evoke the senses in an ethical way. Second, the design intent created spatial art, where the visitors can experience and savor the essence of the creations by Nivola.

-The Artistic Curl, Nivola Museum, INJ Architects Studio. Photo: INJ

Another characteristic that stands out about this company is that they have participated in architectural design initiatives around the world, including building planning and gaining experience in the field of world architectural design.

In addition, other issues that can be a headache for clients are legal matters, so INJ ensures that they are handled properly following legal regulations.

Sometimes they may be faced with spaces where certain structures or construction methods are not allowed due to the type of location, for example, it is not desirable for some Saudi architects to build in narrow lots. The team guarantees to find the best way so that it can be built and thus make the most of the space and the site regardless of the restrictions.

There is more data that highlights how great INJ is, in terms of construction material they have experts in the field to use the best and thus guarantee the quality of their buildings.

The most important factor for the company is the client, they include them in every process and have a program specially dedicated to communicate to make sure their wishes and preferences are met. Whatever the project, they strive to use creativity and innovation as essential aspects and thus keep clients satisfied.

The architecture projects of its constructions challenges perception and triggers the new experience in space. Each of them is developed from the precise interpretation of the contextual, programmatic and pragmatic constraints of the client.

INJ Architects Studio is always one step ahead, in the constant search for the best quality in its service, with the firm belief that architectural production on the rise contributes to well-being. Thus, generating a sensitive and receptive development of the physical context in which one lives, expanding the imagination and stimulating the senses.

LAVA Restaurant is an example of the beauty and impressive architecture INJ created. It was brought to represent the power of chemical molecules to synthesize the materials and properties of the minerals of the earth. This revolutionary and pragmatic design of the distinctive restaurant brings a different and bold interface to the unique design of the restaurant.

To them, this is a revolutionary design inspired by lava, a natural occurrence that changes form when it comes out of the ground and molds to its surroundings just like this project.

-LAVA Restaurant. INJ Architects Studio. Photo: INJ

Who is behind this awesome company? It is about its founder, Ibrahim Joharji, born in 1984 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, descendant of a family of entrepreneurs.

Joharji, is a leader, specializing in Architecture as well as having extensive experience in the gold and jewelry trade and in hosting pilgrims in his family’s hotels, which gave him practical experience in project management, sales and design.

He completed his studies in architectural design in 2006 and graduated from university to start his practical journey within his family business in one of the most important projects ever implemented in Saudi Arabia.

We are talking about the clock tower in Makkah, the tallest tower in Saudi Arabia to this date. It was a very complex project where Ibrahim broke many standards, thus achieving great success.

This project opened a path towards its goal, it gave him experience and opened a gateway to establish a new line in architectural design.

As a good visionary, Ibrahim Joharji, continues with his preparation to better carry out his business, he has completed 31 specialized courses and workshops in the field of architecture, engineering, security and project management in different regions of the world, including America, Europe and the Arabian Gulf.

In 2009, Ibrahim established a library called, I-lines, later changing the name to INJ Architects to bear his personal stamp.

For the year 2014, he won consulting contracts for the Ministry of the Interior, it was one of the most important projects where he highlighted his achievement and led him to a qualitative leap in terms of experience with complex buildings.

With this contract he gained experience in moving around the regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Later, he began to prepare himself a bit more and gained experience in the field with international architects inside and outside Saudi Arabia.

Ibrahim’s preparation and knowledge have transformed him over the years. An example can be seen in residential with high-level designs, such as NNL Villa Residential, where each villa expresses the personality of its owner.

In this residential project, simplicity in design is based on the owner’s requirements and cost factors, but in the end, the element of visual success is that it creates questions, it has an element of surprise by denoting the intelligence by its model design.

-Residential NNL VILLA, INJ Architects Studio. Photo: INJ

Undoubtedly a career with multiple dimensions to get to where he is now, this is Ibrahim Joharji, a young architect who has known how to grow as an entrepreneur and visionary in the world of real estate business.

The passion and professionalism that characterizes him has led him to be admired inside and outside of Saudi Arabia where he continues to position his roots very high and with great honor.

If you want to build the home or office of your dreams, don’t forget that INJ Architects Studio will be there to make any dream come true, plus making the exterior and interior of any building attractive and functional. All thanks to the lead and vision of this extraordinary company, Ibrahim Joharji.

For more information visit the official page,, and follow their journey over at Facebook and Twitter.

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