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Bajro entertainment, creative producer, specialize in reggaeton music

Meet Bajro, a talented Reggaeton music producer that creates Spanish songs without speaking Spanish

He escaped the Bosnia war in search of a better life…

When we talk about Bosnia in the 90’s we always focused on a war divided by political crisis, social problems, religion and security.

We don’t imagine the stories of children who grew up in the midst of explosions and hunger have emerged from that conflict, which led thousands of families to seek refuge in other countries to improve their quality of life.

Such is the case of Bajro Ponjevic, who in an exclusive interview for, shares with us that at the young age of 5, he migrated with his family to the United States and managed to escape the war.

Now at the age of 28, Bajro is emerging as an artist and managing to monopolize the world of music as a composer, record producer with the mixture of Dancehall, Caribbean Reggae, Hip Hop and thus achieve a good piece of music in the Reggaeton style.

Bajro characterizes himself as a singer who sings in Spanish but doesn’t speak Spanish. Currently in Los Angeles, California and also working in Miami, Florida, Medellin, and Bogota, Colombia, gives us a quick glimpse of his studio and his life in this interesting interview.

First of all, thank you for the interview. We know you are extremely busy with your next musical projects but thank you for taking the time to let my readers get to know you a little better.

1. How would you describe yourself?
Bajro: Simple and minimalist. A lot of people don’t know that. I invest all my energy into music.

2. That’s fantastic like any artist dedicated to their dreams. Talking about dreams, we know you immigrated from Bihak, Bosnia to the states, what can you tell us about your childhood?
Bajro: I grew up in a war zone. I came to the United States as a refugee. 

We can imagine, you certainly had a difficult childhood. Surviving situations of war wouldn’t be a place for a child who is supposed to play and study.

3. What does Bajro mean?
Bajro: It’s my actual birth name. It’s pronounced, “bye-ro.”

4. That’s very interesting, when did you start having interest in music?
Bajro: I always enjoyed music, but it was about a year ago that I started to actually produce it. 

Reggaeton first started in reggae recordings in Latin-America during the 1970s. Presumably, the Jamaican reggae influence on Panamanian music during the early 20th century when Jamaican laborers build the Panama Canal.

This mix was made from the combination of several genres and as a result created a catchy dance-like music popularized and known as reggaeton.

5. To anyone who might not know where to place this type of music genre, what is Reggaeton to you?
Bajro: Reggaeton is a mixture of Dancehall, Caribbean Reggae and Hip Hop. Although, to me it’s just flow.

6. Music many times is just a feeling and it is incredible how people want to box it into a type of genre since they can’t dissect the music. It is certainly a flow, what is your connection with this type of music?
Bajro: Reggae is a feeling sensation or feeling that can translate to having a free time.

7. Undoubtedly, why did you decide to compose music in the Reggaeton category?
Bajro: I like the flow of it and it has many options.

8. Definitely, what other types of genre have you worked on and how different was it?
Bajro: Hip Hop, R & B., and some Electronic Dance Music (EDM). It’s all the same, it’s the vibes that are different and the artist.

9. Awesome! You’re a music producer, which artists have reached out to you to get involved in their productions?
Bajro: I have worked with some big artists, but I like to keep that private. I don’t like to kiss and tell. Nonetheless, I’m about to work with so many big names. 

10. We understand and that’s great! It is important that your productions are in other languages. Your productions are in Spanish, why?
Bajro: I just met so many good people in the Spanish music industry. I couldn’t stay away.

11. It is extraordinary that you have found a friendly environment in the Spanish-speaking community. Tell us how the fusion with Kael & One Sebastian came about?
Bajro: On a business leisure trip to Colombia, a mutual friend had connected me to One where he mentioned that he was a producer with a studio. 

Interesting, how great opportunities come at surprising times. I listen to some of the songs you published and they are very catchy and fun to dance to. Listen and watch the lyrics video of “Doncella” (feat. Kael & One Sebastian) by Bajro on YouTube here.

12. What’s your ultimate goal as a music producer?
Bajro: Bring a new style and help build new artists.

13. Where can we listen to all of your productions and what are you working on now?
Bajro: It’s on all platforms. I have some new songs dropping soon. 

We will be on the lookout for your new music. We cannot wait to see what you produce next. We hope you continue to create amazing music and have fun while doing it. Plus, we wish that you come back soon and share with us more info about your latest work exclusively at

We have learned through this interview that music has no limits, in addition to the combination of talent and knowledge, it is possible to conquer several markets for music lovers. This is how Bajro is opening doors in the music industry and has flourished as a new artist. Ponjevic has taught us the things you can accomplish when you set your mind to it, even to the extent that you can sing in Spanish without even knowing the language.

Though his music is primarily reggaeton, Bajro has experimented with a variety of musical genres in his work, including hip hop, house music, trap, and R&B. Thus, reflecting his passion for what he does in the music world.

Thank you Bajro Ponjevic, for giving us the opportunity to learn a little about that boy who migrated with his family to find a better life and inspired us to follow our dreams.

To learn more about Bajro Ponjevic, please follow him on his Instagram, YouTube, Spotify and visit his official site

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