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Looking to publish and promote your own book? S. M Literature LLC is your best bet!

S. M Literature LLC helps launch beginning writers to success…

The world of social networks is growing by leaps and bounds, and more and more users seek to discover the latest by simply clicking on the digital platforms of their choice.

Certain companies choose to use these tools to publicize their services and products and thus reach thousands of people.

This is the case of S. M Literature LLC, a company that offers writers an excellent option to publicize their literary works, through spotlights and interviews. Additionally, teach writing courses with the purpose to help authors of all genres get their book supported by offering low cost advertising services.

“S. M Literature LLC is a resource for authors. We offer “Book Spotlight” and non traditional author interviews to help authors promote their book. In addition, offer writing courses and publishing our own books and souvenirs under our brand.”

-CEO S. M Literature LLC

1. How this idea of creating a company to help beginning writers came about?
CEO: We felt the need to provide this service when we began publishing our own books and realized how challenging it was to find someone who could help promote a book for a reasonable price.

2. Who is behind S. M Literature LLC?
CEO: S. M Literature LLC is a team of three as of now and as we continue to grow. We have our CEO, Media Support and our Content Creator.

3. Great, a talented team pushing new writers towards success! Does it cover a specific literature or does it specialize to a specific audience?
CEO: Every book genre is welcome and can be promoted through S. M Literature LLC.

S. M Literature LLC is an online company located in Denver, Colorado and service your needs to publish and promote your book even if you’re in another state within the US or another country.

4. What tools do you use to promote the writers?
CEO: We offer “Book Spotlight” on our social media and non traditional author interviews that we feature on IGTV (Instagram).

5. How effective are your result?
CEO: Very effective, our clients are very happy with our work and their work gains traction and good media for their book and audience.

6. What’s the price?
CEO: Prices are very reasonable and we customize our prices to fit the needs of our customers. “Book Spotlight” ranges from $5 to $20, author interviews is for low as $20 and up depending on any additional requirements needed by the customer.

Aside from promoting writers, we also sell brand souvenirs, from backpacks, mugs, water bottles and t-shirts. Feel free to visit the online store here.

-CEO S. M Literature LLC

7. What is the company’s ultimate goal?
CEO: Our goal is to progress from advertising books to begin publishing.

Undoubtedly an excellent option for those seeking to make their art known through literature in the world of digital platforms.

8. To my readers who are interested in finding more about your services, where can they find you?
CEO: Customers can also email us at to request a quote.

To know more about the services and products follow S. M Literature LLC on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and visit their online store here.

Thanks to S. M Literature LLC for giving me the opportunity to introduce a digital company whose goal is to help first-time writers grow, and not only that, for sharing their knowledge through literature courses. Definitely, a wonderful art that makes the imagination run wild.

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