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Peekaboo, Digital Content Sharing Platform, adult content, David Goelz

Looking to create adult content? Peekaboo aims to offer better earnings than its competitors

Peekaboo is looking to face off platform giants such as OnlyFans and JustForFans…

Americans have grown accustomed to consume more personal and tailored adult content with the help of the internet. Up to 40 million Americans regularly consume adult content and now with the rise of digital platforms, everyday is a new way of obtaining monetary compensation from this avenue, especially for adult content creators.

From this arises Peekaboo, a new company that is looking for new ways to grow its customers and grow in this new demanding online market. We had an opportunity to speak with David Goelz, Peekaboo’s President, to talk about how he is looking to service an established market for adult content creators and face off platform giants such as OnlyFans and JustForFans.

“The idea began in July when OnlyFans announced they were not going to support mature content anymore. This is due to the bank they were working with, usually blaming the CC companies. When I saw this I thought to myself, ‘If you won’t, then I will’ and I started the process of having the website built.” Goelz explained.

Peekaboo’s goal is not only to monetize but also offer online creators greater results and substantial money gains safely through better business and strategic practices than its competitors.

1. Thank you David for the interview to start off, what is Peekaboo?
David: Peekaboo is a Digital Content Sharing Platform that better supports creators by offering several avenues to stand out from their competition not currently offered by other platforms. Peekaboo also offers the creators a more equitable partnership allowing them better strategic business practices, also not offered by other platforms.

The digital platform also creates a better user experience for the viewer through better site mechanics and browsing, and Peekaboo also allows the viewer to stand out among other viewers for a better personal experience on the platform. The viewing experience for the user is much better and simplified with a true stat video rating system. Defined, planned, and regular upgrades to the platform will increase the already versatile system compared to other sites.

2. That’s very interesting, who is behind this startup company?
David: I am! I am a MBA graduate (4.0 GPA) with a bachelors in Accounting. I have almost 10 years of experience in the field (several in a CPA firm) and I have worked for several 250+ MM companies in various industries in Accounting and Finance roles. 

3. That’s very cool and to whom is this targeted?
David:  It is targeted to mature content creators that are tired of paying 20% commission fees on a site where there is not much service.

4. How long will it take for creators to see benefits on Peekaboo?
David: The creators will see benefits immediately such as 10% commission fee to their own bottom line. Plus, other benefits such as tags on their profiles and content, and whatever monetary benefit from having their own advertisements on their profiles will differ for each creator, but should be almost immediate as well!

5. How much is the subscription?
David: The subscriptions have a minimum of $1.99 and capped at $59.99. The value of subscriptions can be any value between that. For ala carte purchases the minimum still applies but there is no upper limit. 

6. How is this different to other companies that offer the same service?
David: First and foremost Peekaboo offers half the going rate because the way to really support the creator is to give them more share of their work. This is what makes us different.

David emphasizes,

“The individual who created Onlyfans no longer runs the company. He hired a CEO and went to live in his gated mansion in England. Still raking in the money from the creators.”

David Goelz, Peekaboo president

7. What is your goal for Peekaboo this 2022?
David: This year’s goal is to finish bootstrapping and initiate several upgrades to the system. The first few upgrades are scheduled posts, ability to create pre-priced and pre-set volume links for creator subscriptions, as well as anti-recording software.

8. Great things coming this year for you and your company, tell us what incentive do you have for new content creators who would be interested in joining?
David: We are currently running monthly Visa gift card contests this month for 1K! We also have an intro offer for the first 10 creators to post 5 pics and vids to the site and get a $250 dollar Visa Gift Card.

9. That’s another great reason to join Peekaboo! Lastly, where can people find more information?
David: People can join any of our social networks over at Instagram, Twitter, or send us a Direct Message at They can also email with any further questions. 

Thank you so much David for such an insightful interview and best of luck in this new endeavor!

Definitely, a company to watch and observe dive into the competitive market of adult content.

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