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ElectricGo, power bank, divice, renewable energy

Don’t ever run out of battery again, ElectricGo can charge your device and save the day

This new app can get you out of trouble…

There are currently millions of people in the world who use a smartphone, tablet, PC or other devices during most time of their day.

These smart devices are often used at home, work, schools and offices on a continuous basis, which causes the battery to run out, along with the fact that users do not always carry chargers in their bags or there is no outlets available, causing users to worry and stress.

Given this situation, the company ElectricGo, arises with an extraordinary and innovative service that can finally help users not have a dead phone ever again. ElectricGo helps users rent a power bank and charge your device batteries in minutes.

ElectricGo’s operations are also powered with 100% clean, green, renewable energy! Their renting power banks are a form of short term recycling known as the sharing economy. As a company committed to the environment, ElectricGo reduces the demand on the planet’s lithium resources by sharing devices.

In addition, all power banks are recycled at the end of their use. Battery components are separated into different end products, all are put back on the market to be reused in new products.

But how does it work? Here are the simple steps:

  1. A quick search in their app allows the user to locate the nearest station.
  2. Next, scan the QR code given by the ElectricGo app and you will be able to access a power bank. The service contains cables necessary for all types of phones and various devices, it also has the option to charge your device wirelessly.
  3. Lastly, charge your device and return when no longer needed.

It is very simple. ElectricGo station can be found anywhere to return and you can continue enjoying your perfect day to eat a good meal in your favorite restaurant or at a café or bar with your friends.

It’s worth mentioning that if you had a night out and ran out of battery, you can rent a charger to order your transportation service to get home safely. No need to panic, this service can get you out of strangers denying to lend you their power, cables, or their personal phone.

These power banks can be rented for a maximum of 5 days. Upon completion, simply return the power bank to any ElectricGo charging station easily found via the mobile app. To return, insert the power bank (metal contacts first) and push firmly until it clicks into place.

Watch how it works in this fun animated 166 second video or click here.

For any issues you may have during a rental, please use the “Report a Problem” section at the top of the home screen while on an active rental. You can also send an email to

The power banks are compatible with any smartphone or mobile accessory that uses a lightning cable, a Micro-USB cable, or USB Type-C. It comes with 3 cables that support any iPhone model released after iPhone 5, including Samsung, Google and Huawei devices.

ElectricGO has partnerships in more than 35 cities throughout North America and always have a power bank nearby to help you discover a new experience for your smart devices.

For more information email, visit the official site, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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